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20160706 Reducing NS to 1 year a win-win situation

I refer to “Pre-enlistees entering national service from 2017 can indicate vocation of choice”. This is another wayang which does nothing to address issues faced by Singaporean males. NSFs appear to have been given a choice but the most important … Continue reading

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20160627 “Servicemen hail free insurance” an insult to common sense

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh, this Shitty Times really dare to insult our common sense man. Ahmad: Bro, what you talking about? Ah Kow: They talk about Singaporean sons cheering the new insurance coverage in this article “Servicemen hail free … Continue reading

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20160626 NS insurance coverage 49 years late, NSFs unmotivated by self-serving PAP leaders and policies

Below is an imaginary email to the government by an intelligent (not book smart) NSF. Dear Leeder I would like to thank the government for ‘finally getting free insurance’ after 49 years but am unable to because this has happened … Continue reading

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20160402 Life of an NSF not worth $1 a day?

Mindef should issue an apology and pay fair compensation to the family of Dominique Lee. Stop rubbing salt into the wounds of Domique’s loved ones with half truths and motherhood statements. Period. Between 1994 and 1998, there were 21 deaths … Continue reading

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20160311 If a white horse had died, hypocrites who condoned SAF’s negligence would have sung a different tune

An NSF died while in service through the negligence of SAF officers. In any democratic country, the government would have punished those responsible, issued an apology and paid fair compensation to the victim’s family. This would have permitted closure for … Continue reading

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