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Mindeaf: Life of NSF/NSman is worth … not much

How much insurance coverage do NSFs/NSmen receive?  According to Mindeaf, not much really (image below). Image @ NSMatters How could the life of a Singaporean son be worth so little? Since safety is not an issue in the army and accidents/fatalities are rare, … Continue reading

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National Service: NSF allowance peanut but ministers are paid million-dollar salaries?

More Singaporeans are starting to question the need for National Service (NS) in its current almost-unchanged form for 5 decades. While there was a need for conscription in the initial years of our independence, an oversupply of NSFs led to PAP … Continue reading

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PAP ‘recognises’ efforts of NSFs/NSmen by channeling funds to GIC?

When it comes to money, PAP loves to ‘help’ by dishing out millions in CPF dollars, ultimately benefitting GIC.  Workfare is of course not the only example. In 2014, PAP introduced the NS Home Awards to recognize the efforts of … Continue reading

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If National Service is vital for Singapore’s future, ministerial pay formula should also apply to NSF allowance

President Halimah recently asked Singaporeans to support national servicemen because “National Service is vital for Singapore’s future”. CNA But while Singaporeans, especially parents of NSFs, do give our support, the government doesn’t seem to be supportive, ie NSFs continue to be paid peanuts. The … Continue reading

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Increasing jail terms of National Service defaulters defies common sense

Singapore’s High Court has increased the jail terms of 3 NS defaulters in a landmark judgement CNA for reasons which defy common sense. The first case involved defaulter Ang Lee Thye who had left Singapore at the age of 14 … Continue reading

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