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20160320 Lee Kuan Yew: The (horrible) man and his (bad) ideas

As to be expected, the mainstream media has gone into overdrive to rewrite the history of Lee Kuan Yew, minus warts and all. But common sense tells us to be wary of such sales pitch: when something sounds too good … Continue reading

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20160315 Minister Chan should not TKSS

I refer to “PAP took ‘’decisive action’ on ex-MP David Ong: Chan Chun Sing”. Was PAP MP David Ong serving “residents to the best of his abilities” while he was screwing another taxpayer-funded colleague for 6 months? Chan Chun Sing … Continue reading

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20160313 How many Michael Palmers and David Ongs are there in PAP?

PAP MP David Ong has announced his resignation citing personal reasons, ie “personal indiscretions”. David, a Christian with three children, was having an affair with 41-year old Wendy Lim, an active member of the PAP Women’s Wing in Bukit Batok. … Continue reading

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20160312 How CPF members were shortchanged from 1989 to 1997

CPF members have been shortchanged big time with the help of our jiak liow bee PAP MPs who were mostly acting dumb in Parliament. Based on MAS data from 1989 to 1997 (table below, pg 119), CPF OA interest rates … Continue reading

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20160311 Did CPF members lose $140 billion to the government by 2006?

Tens of billions of our CPF had been used to finance infrastructure construction and GLCs, without which Singapore wouldn’t be where it is today. But the returns paid to CPF members were paltry. An equal amount of returns from CPF … Continue reading

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