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NTUC Fairprice reduces price after caught trying to pull a fast one in 2019

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NTUC Group should disclose million-dollar salaries of its 6 CEOs

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Profit-seeking NTUC Fairprice no longer a co-operative

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Exposed: NTUC Fakeprice is no ‘co-operative’

(Image updated on 22 June)

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Easy ripoff by NTUC Fairprice, thanks to mainstream media fake news

Kopitiam prices have been increasing since it was acquired by NTUC Enterprise. Grouped under NTUC Fairprice, Kopitiam has the highest foodcourt prices.

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MP house visits: No sweat for Pasir Ris MP

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PAP’s “shopping mall” economy hit by Covid-19 pandemic

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NTUC Fairprice members should shop around, dont be so easily ripped off by the ‘co-operative’

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PAP government took miscalculated risks, businesses and Singaporeans to pay the price

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