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LKY’s garden in a city must go, human cost will be too high

Due to severe weather patterns, LKY’s ‘garden in a city’ is turning into a nightmare. Yesterday, another NParks tree killed a 5-year old boy after falling on him. ​In the past few years, there have been a few fatalities and … Continue reading

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Living in LKY’s “garden in a city” getting increasingly dangerous

It has been more than 5 decades since the birth of Lee Kuan Yew’s “city in a garden”. Trees have now matured and the weather isn’t getting any friendlier. Due to billions of cubic metres of concrete having been poured … Continue reading

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NParks anyhow claims inspections exceed global standard after falling trees caused a fatality and injuries

Dear NParks CEO I refer to “Inspection of trees in Singapore in line with global standards: NParks”. link NParks can claim anything it wants as they are not verifiable anyway. SOPs always look impressive on paper but the reality is … Continue reading

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20160921 The increasing cost of maintaining LKY’s garden city

Decades ago, Lee Kuan Yew had a vision of a garden in a city. And so our civil servants started planting trees in every corner of Singapore as if there was no tomorrow. Till today, even though he’s been dead … Continue reading

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20160731 Lee Kuan Yew’s “garden city” vision not feasible, fatalities/injuries/property damage on the rise

According to official history, Lee Kuan Yew had envisioned the transformation of Singapore into a “garden city”. Since 1967, the government has spent billions of tax dollars to create an artificial environment to realise the vision of one man. Civil … Continue reading

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