20131012 City in a garden/garden in a city turning into a nightmare for motorists

Singapore’s ‘garden city’ is an artificial construct ill-suited to a dramatically changing weather pattern which has been wreaking havoc in every country.

With more than a million trees, the different agencies do not have the resources to tackle the challenges such as regular visual inspection on a massive scale. The model which has previously worked has been rendered useless.

Photo posted by a TRS reader @ http://therealsingapore.com/content/dear-trs-uprooted-tree-tanglin-road-crashes-car
Thousands of dollars in damages for such unfortunate car owners.

The billions of falling leaves clog our drainage system daily. The tonnes of leaves and dirt in the drainage inlet chambers require clearing on a regular basis, is labour intensive and therefore resulting in huge maintenance costs.

With 7000 km of drainage, the amount spent on maintenance is not peanuts.

The increasing number of falling trees confirms the inadequate budget for NParks manpower requirement.
NParks should know that it has not inspected many trees for years i.e.
Bicycles abandoned/secured to trees confirm NParks did not conduct checks.

There are still costs to pruning trees to maintain its ‘botak’ status.

The various government agencies should work together to resolve falling trees and flooding issues – clearing by the PUB and pruning trees till they are ‘botak’ by NParks will not be sufficient as long as the government insists on maintaining our global garden-city image.

Presently, the costs appear to have outweighed the benefits of maintaining the largest artificial garden in the world.

Phillip Ang

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