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Desperate PAP no longer in control, may join BN sooner than thought

Desperate times call for desperate measures and, clearly, PAP’s plan has not been following its script.  Unscripted events: After undertaking contempt of court proceedings against PM Lee’s nephew, the eat-finish-too-free AGC (AG Lucien Wong is PM Lee’s former personal lawyer, Dy … Continue reading

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How to expedite PAP’s downfall: Debunk state propaganda in international foreign media

From amending the Constitution to reserve the presidency for an Indian PAP MP/making veiled threats against Malaysia/Temasek, GIC and GLCs hit by humongous losses to the collapse of HDB ‘asset’ prices, PAP’s incompetence and lies have finally been exposed. Thanks to unelected opposition members Kenneth … Continue reading

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Infrastructure falling apart caused by PAP, did not plan for additional 2 million foreigners

Up till 1990, Singapore’s population projection was less than 4 million by 2030.  Even the URA 1991 Concept Plan projected a 4 million population. According to a 1990 Singapore Medical Association article, “Singapore – An Ageing Society“, by P W J Choo, K S … Continue reading

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‘Temasek’ and ‘GIC’ unable to prevent Hyflux from seeking court protection?

Although Temasek may not have any interest in Hyflux, it is a government-linked company. On Hyflux’s board are former paper colonel Gay Chee Cheong and Lau Wing Tat, former GIC senior management executive. Gay is also a director of Heliconia Capital Management … Continue reading

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PAP depressed prices of older flats to stem CPF funds outflow from GIC

Singaporeans should take note that numerous policy tweaks are merely attempts to stem funds outflow from GIC. Funds outflow – redemptions in the case of Ponzis – will spell the death knell for GIC, ultimately leading to the spectacular collapse of … Continue reading

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