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Temasek CEO Ho Ching paid an estimated $300,000 a day from our reserves, pay should not be state secret

Although Temasek Holdings manages our state reserves and should be transparent, the PAP government has legislated senior management executives’ remuneration state secret. From how PAP runs our country as Singapore Inc, ie pegging ministerial/civil service remuneration to top earners in the private … Continue reading

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PAP has no solution for self-created problem, HDB resale flat prices to continue falling

Falling prices of resale HDB flats has fallen flat on PAP’s face and the government has no  solution. Through a combination of abusing CPF to support property prices, boosting demand by importing foreigners and lies about asset enhancement, HDB resale prices … Continue reading

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MOF press secretary lied about our failed CPF scheme

In “Plain speech also about telling the hard truth“, MOF press secretary Lim Yuin Chien must have thought Singaporeans are dumbasses when he anyhow claimed that “the Central Provident Fund scheme is adequate for most Singaporeans“. In an ST article 4 … Continue reading

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Singapore a Malaysian state? US State Dept’s error may just become reality

It has been reported that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had mistakenly thought Singapore to be part of Malaysia. (link) Although this may currently be a factual error, there is a possibility that Singapore may become the 12th Malaysian state. … Continue reading

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PAP should come clean on ministerial salaries

After the ministerial pay review in 2011, Singaporeans have been under the impression there were hefty reductions of up to 33%. In reality, PAP ministers are likely be paying themselves only slightly less than before: PAP has not disclosed ministerial salaries since … Continue reading

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