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Minister Heng: After 3 decades of ‘planning’ for ageing population issue, PAP government did not set aside any funds

Finance Minister Heng has told a few half truths to support impending tax hikes. On the issue of ageing population, Heng justified not using a cent of our reserves and claimed: “If we don’t prepare for that, I think we … Continue reading

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Millionairre ministers and MPs should not be paid part-time allowance for town council roles

PAP’sĀ greed is really insatiable. Most Singaporeans are unaware that PAP ministers and MPs have actually paid themselves monthly town council allowances for their part-time roles. But when it comes to improper estate maintenance, none has been held accountable. Town council … Continue reading

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Part-time MPs and Parliament Speaker should not be paid 13-month bonus and AVC, similar to all part-time employees

Although Singapore MPs andĀ Parliament Speaker are only part-time roles, they come with full-time entitlements. Part-time MPs in Parliament. The best part about being an MP or Speaker is they are given a 13th-month pay as well as AVC. It appears … Continue reading

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Single parents should remember to vote PAP out for abuse of power in allocating HDB flats

I refer to TOC article “Single parents disappointed with inaction on parliamentary petition and lack of consultation”. Inaction on the petition should not have surprised anyone because: – PAP will effect changes only when there are accruing benefits; – Its … Continue reading

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Temasek’s US$1 billion investment in 2007 = US$1 billion in 2017?

I refer to “Temasek is said to plan S$1.35 billion (US$1 billion) stake sale in Asian drug distributor“. The Bloomberg article told readers nothing about Temasek’s performance. Of interest to Singaporeans would be Temasek’s profit/loss. After a quick search on … Continue reading

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