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PAP depressed prices of older flats to benefit HDB, lessees sell back remaining lease at lelong price under Lease Buyback Scheme

In 2013, PAP severely limited the use of CPF for flats with leases of less than 60 years. At this stage of the HDB lease cycle, PAP really has no choice but to depress HDB flat prices.  This is to enable HDB … Continue reading

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FB images from 31 Aug to 15 Sep 2018

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FB images from 20 to 30 Aug 2018

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Useless ESM title but Lau Goh still paid more than 1 million in tax dollars yearly

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CPF Board insolvent, every road leads to GIC

CPF Board (CPFB) has loaned $376.6 billion in members’ retirement savings to the PAP government. This gargantuan amount is used by GIC to speculate in highly-risky foreign assets.  Massive investment losses* have been covered up over decades and GIC is unable … Continue reading

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PAP should prepare to face voter backlash at GE2019, 6-figure losses affecting more HDB lessees of older flats

More than a decade ago, PAP must have already been aware of the excessive use of CPF for housing:  CPF usage for 99-year leasehold private property with remaining lease of between 60 and 30 years was drastically reduced. PAP could, … Continue reading

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Still don’t understand why PAP cannot return all our CPF at 55?

All overseas investments by GIC – mostly using our CPF – are subjected to volatile exchange rate movements.  Some instances below. Over 15 years from September 2003 to September 2018, 1 billion pounds invested in UK assets would have been reduced by 36% to … Continue reading

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Public housing grants and subsidies benefit PAP more than HDB lessees, scams

Singaporeans should not continue to be fooled by PAP with regard to public housing grants and subsidies. For example, many feel relieved that PAP has provided increasing amounts in CPF grants over the years.  But why should grants keep increasing if HDB … Continue reading

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PAP ministers lie about recycling land to provide affordable public housing

PAP ministers have repeatedly told Singaporeans that public land will be recycled after 99 years to construct affordable public housing.  Unfortunately, they are being economical with the truth. 😦 In reality, PAP has been taking back HDB flats – even … Continue reading

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Thank you President Halimah for exceeding my expectations

Reserved President Halimah has in fact met – probably exceeded – Singaporeans’ expectations and we should not continue to deny this. This depends on what was one’s expectations and for me it isn’t difficult to state positively that my expectations were exceeded. After … Continue reading

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