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20141228 Vote for the PAP and expect another “5 years to live and repent”

The PAP is in a hurry to hold the next election to prevent more negative news from eroding the little trust left in citizens. Singaporeans should remember we have been forgiving for too long and there comes a time when … Continue reading

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20141227 Victor Lye admits the PAP is greedy

I refer to TRS article “PAP Victor Lye: AHPETC trade fairs are about greed!”. Even before Victor runs for election, he has managed to achieve quite a bit of publicity and shoots himself in the foot. Victor talks about being … Continue reading

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20141226 After HDB yearly billion-dollar losses, what’s next?

The HDB is a statutory board tasked with providing affordable public housing but has instead made them unaffordable to the masses. HDB recently reported another year of humongous deficit of $1,930,000,000 despite selling units at high prices. Why is it … Continue reading

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20141224 PAP ‘tai chi masters’ not needed

The rat infestation in Bukit Batok has confirmed PAP politicians are irresponsible and always quick in deflecting blame a.k.a. tai chi masters online. Every time an issue surfaces, PAP MPs and government agencies will absolve themselves of blame with mainstream … Continue reading

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20141222 Why was our CPF not invested in Singapore government securities?

CPF members have been told our CPF has been invested in Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS). In July, DPM Tharman confirmed this and said: “Before we amended the Constitution in 1992, CPF monies, which were invested in Special Singapore Government … Continue reading

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20141221 Ordinary Singaporeans should help PAP put a stop to CPF-HDB scam

The original mission (before PAP’s arbitrary amendment in 2011) of the CPF Board is to enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement. It has failed because the majority of CPF members do not have sufficient retirement funds HDB’s mission is … Continue reading

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20141216 Younger Singaporeans must learn from parents’ mistake and not vote to get retirement fixed by PAP

Singaporeans have been fooled by the PAP for five decades. We have mistakenly thought a blank cheque given to the PAP was to govern; instead, the government has been using its power to profit from citizens’ misery. Fortunately, younger Singaporeans … Continue reading

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20141215 Junk mail – only beneficiary of town coucils’ solution’ is Singpost

I refer to the recent junk mail complaints on TRS. link link link HDB residents should not waste any time in trying to engage the authorities because it has been confirmed the government is not interested to resolve this issue. … Continue reading

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20141213 PAP should reveal the number of bad investments in GIC and our CPF losses

On 12 Nov, I highlighted one of GIC’s investments, Serco Group Plc, whose share price had fallen by 40% within 5 months. It recently fell by another 15%. Within a mere 6 months, GIC has accumulated unrealised losses of about … Continue reading

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20141211 CPF members should help PAP fix our broken pension system

Many CPF members feel cheated and have rightly blamed the PAP government for causing our retirement shortfall. The PAP must stop tweaking our unstable pension system to benefit businesses and channel more funds into GIC. The PAP has hijacked our … Continue reading

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