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20140531 HDB lessees should not be called homeowners, clarification needed from government

The issue of homeowner vs HDB lessee was revisited in April by Goh Meng Seng in a TRS article “Myth of HDB “ownership” – do you really “own” your HDB flat”? This issue surfaced years ago and another article was … Continue reading

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20140530 By PM Lee’s definition, PAP does not engage in constructive politics

It is interesting to note that PM Lee has actually shot himself in the foot in the unconstructive debate on constructive politics. Instead of a debate on our pressing issues, PAP MPs, as usual, were merely trying to win a … Continue reading

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20140529 Let’s give Roy our support for awakening Parliament to CPF issue

The government has to ask itself honestly why the simmering discontent of the CPF issue has not been addressed for a decade. It took a concerned citizen, Roy Ngerng, to dig out tonnes of convincing data and legal action by … Continue reading

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20140527 No humility when a servant sues his master

I am extremely disappointed that PM Lee has lost the opportunity to regain some respect from citizens by showing magnanimity. It does not matter if the money he will receive from Roy through his lawsuit is donated. The end result … Continue reading

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20140526 If CPF funds are safe, why is Tan Chuan Jin totally silent on transparency issue?

Minister Tan Chuan Jin appears not to have understood Singaporeans’ concerns about the CPF system in “The truth about our CPF and the Minimum Sum”. As can be seen, the government is not interested to engage stakeholders. Whether a policy … Continue reading

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