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Hyflux should consider approaching Tom Cruise to sell Tuaspring

Hyflux has been planning to sell Tuaspring at its book value of $1.3 billion since February last year. Obviously no investors are stupid enough to buy Tuaspring at Hyflux’s price: Tuaspring has been losing money since 2013. 5 months ago, … Continue reading

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PM Lee’s handshake a cause for concern ;)

(Image posted on FB)

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PM Lee should resign, does not have “that iron in him”

At an outdoor rally in 1980, Lee Kuan Yew said: 36 years later, PM Lee Hsien Loong fainted at an indoor rally in air-conditioned comfort. Original image @ theguardian

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PAP: State resources should not unfairly benefit civil servants, market rate charges to be imposed

For immediate release Please Apologise Party Dear Sinkaporeans As you all should have known by now – after we have increased numerous charges – covernment is facing a severe shortage of funds. But this has nothing to do with paying ourselves … Continue reading

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Government should embark on renaming exercise to honour our leaders

I refer to ST Forum letter by Gopinath Menon, “Rename roads to honour Singapore’s leaders”. The PAP government should seriously consider the suggestion by Adjunk Ass Professor and former Colombo Plan scholar Menon.  The former Malaysian is also a former LTA planner … Continue reading

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