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20160531 Should Singaporeans recite the National Pledge when PAP runs our country as a corporation?

The PAP government has been running our country as Singapore Inc for decades. That being the case, PAP should seriously consider replacing our National Pledge with one for a corporation. Adult Singaporeans should also be honest with our children and … Continue reading

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20160529 PM Lee’s press secretary sure knows how to talk cock sing song

Singaporean civil servants are the most overpaid to the extent that they ‘chiak pa boh sai pang’. There was no need for the PM’s press secretary, Chang Li Lin, to respond to Gwee Li Sui’s “Do you speak Singlish”. But … Continue reading

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20160518 Erroneous NASDAQ data on Temasek’s investments

In February, Nasdaq disclosed Temasek had sold out 19 of its 20 investments as of 31 Dec 2015. (see below) On 17 May, Nasdaq disclosed an increase in Temasek’s investments to 25 as of 31 March 2016 and again it … Continue reading

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20160516 PAP has no sense of compassion, engage in self promotion after minister down with stroke

After Minister Heng Swee Keat had collapsed on Thursday during a Cabinet meeting, the PAP, with the help of the sycophantic mainstream media, seized the opportunity to engage in subtle propaganda/self promotion. In other democratic countries, citizens would just sent … Continue reading

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20160511 Turning failures into success with our pay and pay model

Press to release Pee M Oh Sinkapore 11 May 2016 The coverment would like to share the secret of our success with citizens and other covernments around the world: money talks. Our pariahment has given the green light to put … Continue reading

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20160509 Why I do not trust GIC to manage my CPF

CPF members have been taken for a ride but many are still reluctant to engage PAP and hold them accountable. Ignorance in this case is not bliss but stupidity. No sane person would allow another, or a government, to dictate … Continue reading

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20160508 CPF members’ retirement screwed up by unqualified CEOs

Our CPF has been seriously mismanaged and CPF members had better wake up to this fact. For a start, look no further than the current CEO of CPF, ex paper general equivalent Chief of Navy Ng Chee Peng. When Ng … Continue reading

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20160504 Bukit Batok BE confirms PAP is jiak liao bee

Although Murali has said he is his own man, many people really doubt this. If he could stand his own ground, why the need for PAP MPs, ministers and even the PM to character assassinate his political opponent? With the … Continue reading

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20160503 Broken MRT system ‘no medicine can help’

Our MRT system is broken and, really, “no medicine can help”. Singaporeans should not continue hoping for a miracle from PAP, the culprit who created this mess. The design of our MRT system started in 1972 during Lee Kuan Yew’s … Continue reading

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20160502 PAP’s Murali already talking cock before becoming MP

Bukit Batok residents should be wary of electing another PAP MP and would do well to scrutinise Murali’s speeches. In one of his responses to the SDP, MP wannabe Murali naively asked “Why should I be muzzled” and tried to … Continue reading

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