NParks anyhow claims inspections exceed global standard after falling trees caused a fatality and injuries

Dear NParks CEO

I refer to “Inspection of trees in Singapore in line with global standards: NParks”. link

NParks can claim anything it wants as they are not verifiable anyway. SOPs always look impressive on paper but the reality is not every employee follow them to a T. Look no further than the massively screwed up SMRT to better understand my point.

From the get go, the CNA article wasted no time in praising NParks with having global or even higher standards in tree inspection. You seem to have forgotten that a tree under the care of NParks has killed the mother of a pair of one-year old twins and injured 4 others – including the twins –4 days earlier on 11 Feb. Two days after the fatality, a woman had to be warded in ICU after another one of your global-standard inspected tree had fallen and knocked her unconscious.

In view of the 2 recent incidents, you should not have boasted about your gold standard in tree inspection. It’s not only insensitive but confirms your total lack of EQ and that you must be an idiot.

NParks should not be preoccupied with correcting its dented image using state sponsored propaganda as this is not the way to go about regaining public trust. The use of propaganda is old school and thinking Singaporeans now trust you even less.

NParks should not even follow global standards but create our own because no other country has a “garden in a city”. Since our tree population density – in a concrete jungle setting – is the highest in the world, how could we be following others’ standard?

Since Tree Planting Day was introduced in 1971, the government has continued to plant new trees and ignored weather changes. By 2014, 1.4 million trees had already been planted. Including trees on state land planted by nature, there must be at least 2 million trees managed by NParks.

It is doubtful that NParks has the necessary resources and manpower to conduct proper checks.

This is because we have a government which is focused on generating returns on tax dollars invested. Any item seen as an expenditure, eg tree inspection, corners will be cut. As is the case with HDB lifts which did not have proper inspection for years and, again, SMRT. Taxpayers have always been paying the price for PAP’s screw ups.

If you have been sleeping on the job, I would suggest you wake up ASAP. Since decades ago, billions of tons of concrete have been poured into the ground and this is still ongoing daily. Does this not cause waterlogging? Are roots of older trees not rotting at an alarming rate?

You have underestimated the damage caused by waterlogging and I guess more trees will have to fall and kill or injure before NParks realises LKY’s “garden city” folly. Will trees along ECP fall and cause major disruptions to air travel? Are you certain every tree has been inspected or merely pruned?

As the PAP ramps up the population towards 10 million, construction activity will pick up. Doesn’t this have any impact on trees?

It is really unproductive to expand time and energy on propaganda which not only insults the public but is also self-insulting.

Guess I have said enough and I really hope NParks will cease all propaganda.

Do respect the public by not assuming you monopolise intelligence as well as give a thought to the family of the deceased.

If the deceased and injured were your loved ones and NParks put up a own self praise own self wayang, how would you feel?


Phillip Ang

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2 Responses to NParks anyhow claims inspections exceed global standard after falling trees caused a fatality and injuries

  1. Jihane says:

    I read one propaganda article by SPH to even discourage the public from sueing Nparks and putting blame on global warming. The freedom of information act must be in place or the public has little to no chance to collect evidence to sue NParks for negligence.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Most people will not try to sue government bodies, mistakenly believing that it’s unwise to do so. Perhaps loved ones of someone with very deep pockets need to fall victim to the incompetence of PAP elites to set a precedent?
      But we can forget about having freedom of information act cause PAP will not allow skeletons in its cupboard to fall out.

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