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20151130 Has attention-seeking Calvin Cheng invited terrorists to attack Singapore?

The PAP government had better sit up and dissociate itself from Calvin Cheng (CC) before harm befalls Singapore. It should watch CC very closely and if red lines have been crossed, the use of the ISA should not be ruled … Continue reading

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20151129 Own self pay own self government will doom our country

In our unique own self pay own self (OPO) government, epic PAP failures are the norm. The PAP today is no longer interested in proper governance and has attracted a bunch of clowns masking as MPs and politicians. Greed and … Continue reading

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20151104 MediShit Life scam doesn’t need any explanation

I refer to CNA’s “Free MediShield Life consultations to be introduced from November”. This is another instance of a poorly thought through scheme and there’s really nothing ‘free’ because public resources are funded by tax payers. What the PAP has … Continue reading

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