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HDB time bomb ticking away despite ‘strength’ of our economy

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‘Multiracial’ Singapore with power concentrated in Chinese hands, Malays sidelined?

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Can book smarties run our economy?

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CPF in urgent need of revamp, will ultimately collapse from constant tweaking to delay payout

Most Singaporeans are aware that CPF scheme has failed. A scheme that works does not require frequent tweaks to delay payout. (see image below) A – Post independence, Singapore needed billions to finance infrastructure and HDB construction. With unchecked powers, … Continue reading

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Run by a scholar, will SIA continue to be a great way to fly?

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Share prices of listed GLCs hit multi-decade low, economic growth follows suit

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Still think LKY’s PAP isn’t racist?

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Regardless of race? Really?

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Feedback (edited) to PMO on lole of government approach in dengue prevention, HDB and NEA wayang

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HDB legal counsel: Lessees ‘own’ HDB flats because PAP has defined us as owners in H&D Act

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