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20150228 Budget 2015 – business costs increased despite uncertainty, another $2 billion into GIC

CPF is increasingly resembling the mother of all scams. Every time (almost) the PAP helps Singaporeans, it channels lots of money into CPF for GIC to ‘invest’. Budget 2015 is no different. Employer CPF contribution for older workers (aged 50 … Continue reading

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20150225 Increasing number of disgruntled citizens signals collapse of PAP

Although PAP can no longer conceal its incompetence using the mainstream media, it has refused to adapt to change and fix its own broken system.. PAP’s inherent weaknesses are caused by its refusal to be transparent and accountable for 50 … Continue reading

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20150222 GST – how ordinary Singaporeans will enrich the wealthy with another GST hike

Much has already been written about our inverse Robin Hood GST but to what extent the PAP has enriched the wealthy has been underestimated. The fact is our GST has effectively transferred billion$ from ordinary Singaporeans to the wealthy and … Continue reading

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20150217 Other rating agencies should scrutinise Temasek’s reckless investing

Singaporeans have the S&P to thank for its impending downgrade of Temasek Holdings’ rating which will see Temasek in the company of Greece, Cyprus and Latvia. (Sovereign ratings list) S&P must have conducted a thorough review to conclude the necessity … Continue reading

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20150215 Law Minister’s reduced MA rates suggest HDB lessees have been fleeced

I refer to the recent attack on the WP in parliament with regard to the issues of transparency and accountability. Although the CPIB has not been called in, the PAP has provided supporting ‘evidence’ – Law Minister Shanmugam’s table shows … Continue reading

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