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20150207 PAP’s apology meaningless, time to let PAP retire

Just days before the 2011 election, PM Lee said: “If we didn’t get it right, I’m sorry. But we will try better the next time.” Notice PM Lee said ‘if’ which is never used in a sincere apology. Shortly after … Continue reading

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20150206 Temasek’s US$10 billion dollar bets carry unnecessary, huge risks

Temasek should improve its transparency and publish ALL information on its investments similar to Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global. When a fund 5 times the size of Temasek is able to publish its entire holding of more than 8,000 equities, … Continue reading

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20150203 HDB lessees should not pay for the maintenance of public area

Buyers of HDB flats should have already known by now that we can never become owners of any public property as has been confirmed by our agreement for lease. The PAP legislated lessees as owners in order for us to … Continue reading

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20150202 If Temasek is a savvy investor, why does it ‘buy high/sell low’?

I am an ordinary Singaporean trying to figure out the reason for Temasek’s opacity. As a citizen, I am also the rightful owner of more than $60,000 in the reserves managed by Temasek. As the fund manager of citizens, Temasek … Continue reading

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