20150213 PAP commits hara kiri with the latest attack on WP

The overpaid PAP would rather devote limited public resources to attack the WP in a vain attempt to score political points rather than serve Singaporeans.

Although the majority of Singaporeans are unhappy with the WP for not addressing the issue of transparency (where are our CPF invested? how much is Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife, paid as Temasek CEO?, etc), we are more unhappy with PAP’s bullying tactics using public resources.

The whole AHPETC issue could have been resolved with a call to the CPIB. By not doing so, the PAP has again made a wrong assumption – Singaporeans have remained as daft as during LKY’s time. But it should not assume the WP is as stupid as Singaporeans. Would anyone immediately set out on a crime spree after winning an election in full view of the dominant party?

Why waste tax dollars on meaningless parliamentary wayang with Minister Shanmugam acting like as if he was an Aljuneid GRC MP? Or Khaw Boon Wan, increasingly perceived as an overpaid clown, who for no rhyme or reason brought up Japanese “good old days”?

As the Law Minister, Shanmugam should not be acting blur because if there was clear evidence of any wrongdoing, investigations would have already been under way. In 2013, Minister Vivian had also accused WP of lying but since talk has proven to be cheap, Vivian’s attempt to gain political mileage backfired.

Even without Sylvia’s explanation in parliament, citizens are acutely aware that the PAP would stoop to the bottom of the abyss just to perpetuate its hold on power. PAP has lost all credibility because it had ‘misAIMed’ and sold town councils’ computer software to a $2 PAP company. Both issues are related.

Despite all the obstacles put in place to trip the WP’s town council, chairman Sylvia Lim has said she “bear personal responsibility, as I was Chair of the evaluation committee”. Her future apologies could then be tallied and voters will be able to assess her performance objectively. By putting on record an instance of her mistake, she has displayed exemplary conduct.

Contrast this with PAP’s actions in the columbarium saga where the HDB did not bother to apologise to thousands of affected buyers. After siding with Life Corporation Pte Ltd, URA and HDB, , Lam Pin Min, Sengkang SMC MP and MOS for Health, refused to acknowledge any error on his part even after Minister Khaw’s U-turn in parliament. Worse, as the big boss of MND, Khaw acted more like a clown by not only shying from making an apology but entertaining lawmakers with a love story in parliament.

After 50 years in government and countless mistakes, PAP has reluctantly apologised only a few times. Should Singaporeans continue to tolerate our ‘flawless’ PAP government?

Transparency and accountability are THE issues concerning the PAP which have not been addressed. When Minister Shanmugam said “Aljuneid residents deserve real, honest answers”, perhaps he did not think Singaporeans also “deserve real, honest answers” to the following:

How much has the PAP profited from citizens through the sale of public housing?
Why did the PAP legislate HDB lessees as owners and make us pay for the long-term maintenance of HDB’s property and maintenance of public areas?
What are GIC’s realised losses to date?
What is the market value of Temasek’s and GIC’s investments?
If extremely-profitable GIC investments have more than made up for losses amounting to tens of billion$, why have they not been disclosed?
Why are our reserves being paid out as salaries/fees/million-dollar bonuses to Temasek and GIC directors, but not disclosed to the public?

When PAP’s related party transactions are as transparent as a brick wall, it really shouldn’t call the kettle black. Rest assured, all hell may break loose when PAP’s related party transactions are revealed by our ‘internet CSI’.

PAP’s consistent pattern of attack confirms its desperation to cling on to power at all costs. But with the latest attack, it appears to have committed hara kiri.

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