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Singaporeans should stop pretending we know what’s happening to our CPF, PAP must be transparent

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PAP promised to use reserves for ‘rainy day’ but where is the money?

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PM Lee only leader in the world who believe shortcuts to economic growth exist, Singapore doomed under PAP

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Migrant workers issue: Expect cosmetic changes, PAP to continue exploiting migrant workers to grow the economy

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Minister Teo’s legal threat against citizens again confirms PAP is pro-foreigner

Chairman of Migrant Workers’ Centre is former PAP MP Yeo Guat Kwang, one of the losing candidates in Aljunied GRC GE2015. An apology should have sufficed but the small space minister wanted to look good with the additional $1,000 demand. … Continue reading

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Cut SIA CEO’s pay to $1, $3.85 mil pay after taxpayers’ bailout an insult to Singaporeans

After SIA had slashed capacity by 96%, CEO Goh will likely be shaking leg in his office. The government is also aware that air travel demand won’t be picking up anytime soon: Terminal 2 has been closed for 18 months … Continue reading


Corruption in Singapore? No, it’s all a coincidence

PAP could have easily won back lost trust by being transparent. Why has it not done so? Will threats of suing ordinary citizens till our pants drop convince Singaporeans not to speculate, that spending tax dollars without any transparency or … Continue reading

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Justice for the rich and powerful: Reputation-in-tatters Minister Josephine the jester issues letters of demand

Singaporeans should stand up and say no to this fucking piece of shitty legislation which allows the rich and powerful to bully ordinary citizens. Should Jolovan Wham consider crowdfunding to support his legal expenses, Jo Teo may well become more … Continue reading

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GIC’s remaining 5% shares in Luckin Coffee now worthless?

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Can MOH be trusted when it keeps making ‘honest’ typos?

MOH update @ 13 May: “So far, more than 32,000 workers in dorms have been tested ..” 20 May: “This is out of the around 82,000 migrant workers in dormitories who have been tested ..”

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