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Shitty Times continues to publish self-insulting propaganda to support PAP’s flawed population policy

Straits Times journalists should not insult themselves and cease supporting PAP’s flawed population policy. In Joanna Seow’s “Dip in population density, but not in crowded feeling“, the contributory factor to the “dip in population density” was actually the increase in reclaimed … Continue reading

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CPF Board introduces new CPF Life plan to trap more CPF

The PAP must be laughing all the way to the bank at how easy Singaporeans could be taken for a ride. The CPF Board has just introduced another new plan to trap even more CPF in GIC. Called the CPF … Continue reading

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High cost of PAP’s immigration policy should not be ignored

As our GDP increases, so does government revenue and expenditure. However, ordinary Singaporeans do not feel additional benefits trickling down. In fact, life has gotten from bad to worse. For example, when it comes to education, the government has spent … Continue reading

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CPF members’ retirement at risk because too much invested in housing

A large portion of our CPF – meant for retirement – has been allocated to housing. This is one of the causes of our retirement funding shortfall. The predictable outcome of such a convenient arrangement to create PAP’s wealth effect … Continue reading

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Why does CPF fund manager GIC need to conceal its cash position?

CPF fund manager GIC is no ordinary fund manager. It is perhaps the only one in the universe which has been able to conceal material information with help from the government. Information which GIC does not wish to disclose could … Continue reading

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