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Why does CPF fund manager GIC need to conceal its cash position?

CPF fund manager GIC is no ordinary fund manager. It is perhaps the only one in the universe which has been able to conceal material information with help from the government. Information which GIC does not wish to disclose could … Continue reading

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SPH propaganda standard no standard, self insulting

The PAP has always thought that cheaperer = betterer. By cutting costs, this will allow elites to continue leeching on taxpayers. One easy peasy way to do is to cut labour cost by employing foreigners. Coupled with no oversight by … Continue reading

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Lau Goh politically written off after blasted by Low in Parliament, a potential stroke victim

Lau Goh has become a liability to PAP and a disgrace to Singapore. It has been reported even in international media that PM Lee had urged all MPs to “vigorously” question him in Parliament on allegations of power abuse by … Continue reading

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Law minister Shanmugam’s”ridiculous” comment on conflict of interest even more ridiculous

After 5 decades of relying on propaganda to run the government, PAP ministers presently lack the ability┬áto convince Singaporeans with sound arguments. Lee Hsien Yang has recently disclosed that Law Minister Shanmugam’s inclusion in the “secret committee” formed to prevent … Continue reading

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GIC takes on riskier investments because of its asset mix

CPF members have been repeatedly told that GIC (and Temasek) does not take on riskier investments with our CPF and reserves. Source This not true. GIC has to take on higher risk because its asset mix demands a riskier approach. … Continue reading

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