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CPF members should be very wary of propaganda campaign

CPF Board (CPFB) has been engaged in propaganda through advertisements, online and print. The sole objective is of course to trap more money in GIC via CPFB. The government is now so desperate that it has started conducting roadshows, spending … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t PAP also reserve President’s scholarships, top management posts in Singapore Inc for Singaporean Malays?

Do minority races need assistance in meritocratic Singapore? The PAP apparently thought so … but by assisting one Malay to become President. If Singaporean Malays really require assistance from PAP – most Singaporeans do not believe this bullshit – then … Continue reading

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CPF Board trying to conceal embarrassing information

PAP has again engaged in propaganda to mask the true state of our CPF. Success is success but failure can also be turned into ‘success’ by our self-checking government. 😉 And so we continue to hear more positive news from … Continue reading

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DPM Teo still trying to defend racist PE with hogwash

The undemocratic racist PE is indefensible. Period. But of course the PAP could do no wrong and continues to do all it can to hoodwink gullible citizens. After DPM Tharman, we are now hearing more racist PE hogwash from DPM … Continue reading

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CPF Board uncertain where our CPF is invested?

CPF members have made too many wrong assumptions on where our retirement savings are invested. Please write to CPF Board to clarify as something is terribly amiss. 😦 The common understanding, as we have been repeatedly told, is that CPF … Continue reading

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Do not be fooled by DPM Tharman, do not trust PAP anymore

Many Singaporeans seem impressed by DPM Tharman. Not me. Tharman may be very intelligent and probably the best PAP can offer. But at the end of the day, he belongs to an elitist party hell bent on screwing ordinary Singaporeans. … Continue reading

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CPF members shortchanged by PAP, Temasek given all the pow chiak domestic businesses (Pt 2)

​(Pt 1 here) During the early years after independence, PAP relied mostly on our CPF savings to set up GLCs as well as fund infrastructure construction.** In 1967, CPF members loaned the PAP government 85% of the funds it badly … Continue reading

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Failure MOT Minister Khaw turns himself into a joke again, appeals to gods to bless MRT system

Our MRT system will continue to fail commuters and what is needed is a revamp. The inept management of LTA, SMRT, MOT – especially MOT Minister Khaw – need to go. Hara Kiri Khaw is known for blaming others to deflect blame … Continue reading

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If GIC is really managing all CPF monies, there must have been massive investment losses

The government should clarify if all our CPF is invested in SSGS and managed by GIC. Based on data from reputable institutions, there appears to be massive investment losses. Better still, disclose all material information in Parliament instead of concealing … Continue reading

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You still don’t think CPF is the mother of all Ponzi schemes?

The amount of abused CPF has increased exponentially. To put this into perspective: The shocker: If this had happened in the private sector, alarm bells would have gone off.  But why not at GIC? After all, only about 3% in interest … Continue reading

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