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Time for NParks to be held accountable, conduct proper inspections

The number of fallen trees – possibly over a hundred – must have been a record on 30 Jan. According to a CNA report, a tipper truck driver “saw at least four fallen trees on his Seletar journey”.  A taxi passenger … Continue reading

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Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh: PAP’s growth model outdated, Singapore will sink without change

In an interview with Deal Street Asia, former PAP MP Inderjit has warned of dire consequences for Singapore under PAP’s brick and mortar economic model. Inderjit on PAP being the problem: “It’s scary because we aren’t changing fast enough, especially if … Continue reading

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PM Lee, Minister Ong and 4G leaders: Lau Goh talking cock only, too early to plan for PM successor

Singapore is a unique country where comments of a 14-years-ago PM could make headline. Last month, Lau Goh made some motherhood statements on FB: “Every succession is different … each cohort will have to pick one amongst themselves … I hope the current … Continue reading

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SMRT will not sack incompetent leaders, only replace comms chief with former stat board director

On 18 Jan, it was already reported in PAP-controlled media that Patrick Nathan, SMRT chief spokesman, had quit. It is not known why SMRT has to double confirm the departure of Patrick Nathan 11 days later.  (SMRT confirms departure of corporate communications VP … Continue reading

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CPF is a cheap source of funds, enables GIC to earn incredible returns

CPF members need to be aware of historical facts about how we have been screwed by PAP.  Only then will members understand the necessity to right a system corrupted by greed. CPF has always been a cheap source of funds which … Continue reading

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