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In the face of real competition, PAP scholars at GLCs prove they are jiak liow bee

PAP has a system which is based on academic achievements instead of merit.  As such, we see mostly scholars – who belong in the classroom – appointed to senior management of GLCs. When faced with real world competition,  these senior-management … Continue reading

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Liu Thai Ker talking cock (2)

According to this CNA article, urban planner Liu Thai Ker has even tried to help PAP justify million-dollar resale HDB flats as affordable because they are “largely the result of market forces, not government intervention“. Liu somehow imagined “market forces” exist despite the … Continue reading

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PAP dinosaur Liu Thai Ker talking cock about Singapore’s growth and train breakdowns

Too much credit has been given to Liu Thai Ker, former housing chief planner, so much so that he has continued talking cock at 79. In CNA’s “Singapore cannot stop growing because of train breakdowns, says former chief planner“, Liu refused to … Continue reading

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Minister Shanmugam repeats PAP’s BS about shortage of Singaporean auxiliary police officers

I refer to CNA’s “Taiwanese auxiliary police officers to be deployed at land checkpoints: Shanmugam”. Singaporeans have been repeatedly told this PAP BS: “There are not enough Singaporean APOs to meet projected demand over the next few years”.   Unbelievably, this has … Continue reading

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Keppel O & M corrupt executives will likely be given another slap on the wrist

Singaporeans waiting for justice to be done in the Keppel corruption case will have to wait long long.  😦 All one needs to do is look at the precedent in 1997 to understand there exists a different set of laws for … Continue reading

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