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Temasek’s US$1 billion investment in 2007 = US$1 billion in 2017?

I refer to “Temasek is said to plan S$1.35 billion (US$1 billion) stake sale in Asian drug distributor“. The Bloomberg article told readers nothing about Temasek’s performance. Of interest to Singaporeans would be Temasek’s profit/loss. After a quick search on … Continue reading

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Are Singapore leaders corrupt, inadequate or monkeys?

In 1970 when Lee Kuan Yew wanted to appoint PAP MP Hon Sui Sen as Finance Minister and retain E W Barker in cabinet, he claimed that political wages were “not fair”, “unrealistic”, etc. If wages were not increased, it … Continue reading

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PAP betrayed citizens’ trust, rewarded themselves with millions in tax dollars

Propaganda would have us believe that ministerial salaries started to increase only in the 1990s. Fact: Shortly after independence, daylight robbery had occurred like nobody’s business. Link To put PAP’s humongous salary increase into perspective, all we need to remember is ministerial … Continue reading

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Feedback to PMO: SMRT FT/new citizen employee trying to sow discord

ft ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Phillip Ang <> Date: Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 10:45 AM Subject: Are “foreign talents” or new citizens sowing discord? To: PM LEE <> Cc: LAU <>, HENG <>, CNA <>, C K WONG … Continue reading

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Taxpayers and CPF members at higher risk with former president/failed GIC dy chairman appointed to newly-created GIC post

I refer to “Dr Tony Tan appointed director and special advisor of GIC“. CNA There seems to be such an acute lack of talents that the PAP has to employ the former president and GIC executive director to a newly-created position … Continue reading

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Talking khawk MOT minister thinks Singaporeans are fools

PAP scholars and ministers are so full of themselves and have always refused to apologise sincerely. One such outstanding minister is (Colombo Plan) scholar and LKY’s former PPS Khaw Boon Wan. By refusing to offer a sincere apology for LTA’s failure … Continue reading

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PM Lee helping Minister Khaw jinx SMRT?

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PM Lee issues motherhood statements to defend transport failure, ignores accountability issue

That the PAP government is a joke will become evident to even PAP supporters soon. The MRT system cannot become reliable because the issue of accountability has not been addressed. Instead, leaders claimed they have confidence in fellow elite’s failure. … Continue reading

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Taxes should not be raised because the government has sufficient funds from land sales revenue, $12 billion in CPF returns confiscated last year

In another attempt to raise billion$ in revenue, PM Lee wants the public to believe that “raising taxes is inevitable“. But if the PAP wants to increase revenue by only a couple of billion dollars, taxes need not be raised. … Continue reading

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‘Fake’ inflation statistics used to justify broken MRT system

In “Comparing Singapore’s newest and oldest MRT“, Khaw said: Khaw was trying to justify the broken MRT system by implying that the North-South Line (NSL) was constructed at budget-airfare cost. It was not. To arrive at today’s dollar, Khaw’s imputed … Continue reading

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