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20140228 Animal Lovers League is right but don’t expect any closure from PAP government

Cathy Strong, president of the Animal Lovers League, has recently revealed that the dogs which MINDEF claims to have bitten their workers are not strays. The dogs have been ‘doing NS’ at Pasir Ris camp since 6 years ago. ALL’s … Continue reading

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20140226 Breaking news – Ass MRT may not break January’s record for train breakdowns

Straitjacket Times: Ass MRT press to release As February draws to a close, it should be evident to our fare-paying commuters that we will not be able to achieve another record for breakdowns this month. We sincerely apologise for this. … Continue reading

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20140226 If MOE uncertain on international student grant defaulters, Minister Heng should not speculate in Parliament

Parliament should not continue to allow questions to be sidestepped as if they were never raised or it risks becoming a farce. The unfortunate situation Singaporeans have found ourselves in today directly resulted from a Parliament dominated by PAP MPs … Continue reading

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20140224 PA’s staff costs increased 50 per cent, $74 million in 3 years

The PA’s ‘economy’ seems to be in a bubble with skyrocketing staff costs. From $149 million in 2009, it increased to $223 million in 2012. At this rate of increase, it could be half a billion dollars in a few … Continue reading

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20140223 PA’s “adverse opinion” more serious than WP Town Council’s

Like many Singaporeans, I hope the government will stop wasting taxpayers’ money on trying to score political points using government agencies. With our limited resources, ministries and statutory boards do not have the time to play politics. After MND’s expression … Continue reading

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20140222 Pioneer Generation Package – scoring political points without resolving REAL issues

The PAP has successfully distracted a large number of citizens temporarily from REAL issues with the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP). The mainstream media has also raised expectations that “450,000 Singaporeans aged 65 or older” will benefit tremendously. Recall that in … Continue reading

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20140221 To Gilbert Goh – CPF issue will see highest turnout at Hong Lim Park

Dear Gilbert You should consider organising a rally to protest against the CPF retirement withdrawal issue. Hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans have been deprived of using OUR money by the PAP government and the amount restricted will be increasing in … Continue reading

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20140221 Should you continue paying to read 150th world ranking Straits Times’ world record advertisements?

The Straits Times may be officially ranked 150th in the World Press Freedom Index. Unknown to most ST subscribers, it also holds the unofficial world record for the highest number of advertisements. The table below shows the record number of … Continue reading

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20140218 PTOs attempt to improve using PAP approach, F type approach discarded

Two good friends who are public transport commuters, Ahmad and Ah Seng, were having a good laugh at Minister Lui’s response to questions from MPs in Parliament. (“Singapore’s train operators to adopt new MRT maintenance regimes”. CNA) Ahmad: Minister Lui … Continue reading

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20140217 Singaporeans’ retirement savings sucked into a CPF black hole

Singaporeans who had started working decades ago planned to rely on OUR CPF funds for retirement. However, the PAP government arbitrarily tweaked policies to the extent that most of us must have money in our CPF accounts after we are … Continue reading

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