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Hardest truth: Public housing is subsidised by …. flat buyers, not government

Subsidised public housing in Singapore is …. BS.   The cost of subsidy would have to be borne by thePAP government for selling HDB flats at a ‘loss’. There isn’t any.   The ‘loss’ incurred comes from the inclusion of … Continue reading

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Investments can pock kai no issue to GIC, $15 billion guaranteed CPF inflow for GIC annually

GIC manages more than S$400 billion in CPF monies. Thanks to PAP’s constant tweaking of CPF rules, GIC receives about $15 billion in net contributions annually. Besides increase in CPF, GIC also manages additional billions in tax dollars set aside … Continue reading

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Who is George Yeo to lecture Hong Kongers on politics after losing a GRC?

George: ” … Hong Kongers “need to work with Chief Executive Carrie Lam, even if they do not like her.” Hmm … is CEO Carrie Lam indispensable to Hong Kongers? Who is George to lecture Hong Kongers – who are … Continue reading

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AirAsia profitable, Scoot blames losses on business cycle

SIA will not  hold Scoot’s management accountable for losses.  Instead, billions will be spent on acquiring new planes to help management turn a profit.  (“Scoot taking 16 new fuel-efficient Airbus 321neos to add capacity and grow profits“) ST: “In the … Continue reading

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Temasek must stop misleading Singaporeans on Ho Ching’s performance

Ho Ching was appointed Executive Director (= CEO) of Temasek in May 2002. For more than a decade, Ho has been credited with Temasek’s unverifiable and unbelievable performance. Attempting to credit Ho in 2013, Temasek claimed that newer investments made … Continue reading

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