Polyclinic part of ‘conveyor belt’ public healthcare system, uses mostly made in India generic drugs

(Comment on our screwed up public healthcare system by regular contributor on social media.)


Subsidies & fees in Public Health [PH] system aren’t representative nor are consistent
with market pricing mechanism from the private GP medical sector.
S’pore PH system had been configured as Corporate Medicine ie. for profit basis. But for political reasons (vote buying, populist policy) & for eternal gratefulness from older citizens (PG/MG) who think that PAP thinks for them, the subsidy system had been created as a obsfucation & diversion mechanism. But the PH medical cost is initially jacked up high enough then offsetted by “generous” govt subsidy. Then the balance is being paid through Medisave which takes the pain away from the user not having to settle in cash. But the user is no closer to understanding their true medical costs. It is a convoluted method of Accounting Treatment by the MIWs.
This overinflates govt accounting revenues under medical services which also boosts GDP growth numbers. Hit KPI targets, see what happens next?
Also, don’t forget that you’re seeing multiple & anonymous doctors over a lifetime of medical consultation at the Polyclinic and not a single medical practitioner who is intimately aware of your medical conditions & your medical history. You’re nothing but a medical guinea pig to the system. Medical data on patients to Pharmaceutical companies are a valuable information resource. Why do you think that you go for a battery of tests prescribed by the [PH] Polyclinic doctors but the doctors don’t even explained unless you prod them for test results & explanations. Most of the time, they think you a fool if you keep quiet!
Also the Polyclinic like to prescribe mostly generic drugs made from India & other cheap manufacturers. There had been lots of recalls in the past on Indian generic drugs due to hygiene & contamination factors.
And the polyclinic like to prescribe a lot of medication to patients. A number of generic drugs they prescribed were old [& cheap) drugs having gone out of patent protection instead of new ones which were newly introduced.
The Congested Polyclinics with long waiting times were like a conveyor belt mechanism using fresh medical graduates (houseman) or 3rd world doctors (working to get medical equivalency) – each doctor has to see a quota of patients every day (maximizing revenues & reducing doctor’s costs by high turnover of patients). Serious medical cases have to have a referral letter from a polyclinic doctor to get Public Hospitalisation rates & admittance, appointment dates from govt hospitals.

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