Minister Gan could not reply to my queries, Singaporeans scammed by ‘subsidised’ public healthcare system

In 2014, I highlighted to then Health Minister Gan that “20140820 Privatised public healthcare costs detrimental to citizens“.

Gan of course could not reply to some in the face questions, eg why did MOH purchase  paracetamol at overinflated prices?

On the polyclinic bill, the full amount of paracetamol was “$5.29” vs ‘subsidised’ “$.70”. (image below)  But did patients receive a 87% subsidy?  The answer is ‘no’.

As I had highlighted to Gan, a box of 20 tablets at Guardian cost only $2.50, inclusive of a large profit margin.

Online/across the causeway prices of paracetamol are also only a fraction of polyclinics’ unsubsidised “$5.29”.

And if suppliers could earn a profit selling paracetamol at a fraction of polyclinics’ prices, how much has MOH been making from taxpayers?

The actual cost of unsubsidised generic, mostly made in India drugs should have been only a fraction of $5.29.  Not to mention that paracetamol is purchased by the millions by MOH!

Question: Did MOH inflate the unsubsidised amount of paracetamol (and other drugs) to increase the quantum of subsidy, ie mislead patients?

More importantly, who is the supplier of paracetamol to MOH?

When billion$ in government grants do not benefit PH patients, doesn’t it appear that some entities are ripping off Singaporeans?

Over to you, MOH. 😉

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