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How to ensure public feedback is taken seriously

At the expense of personal time and energy, public feedback must be taken seriously. Non replies are a thing of the past. Singaporeans must not forget that million-dollar civil servants and ministers are paid by us to do a good … Continue reading

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Increased healthcare subsidy helps PAP more, not patients

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Will proper disclosure by Temasek cause PAP to collapse?

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CPF belongs to members but need to appeal to use?

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Will mountain of US$26 trillion Chinese debt come crashing down on Temasek?

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Temasek’s Bayer investment another StanChart?

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SPH going to the dogs, investors should consider exit

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Public healthcare system corrupted by greed, overhaul needed

TOC article “Phillip Ang: “Public healthcare subsidies are mostly non-existent” in Singapore” has generated a bit of public interest. Many readers have shared similar personal experiences of non-existent subsidies. Thanks to PAP propaganda, the quantum of subsidies has been inflated … Continue reading

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Exposing PAP’s fake healthcare subsidy

Public healthcare subsidies are mostly non existent, ie costs are first inflated to ridiculous levels. (Most thinking Singaporeans should be aware by now that polyclinic patients do not enjoy high subsidies because consultation fees have been inflated to higher than … Continue reading

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Town council estate officers not doing their job, need reminder

Residents of HDB estates should know by now that town councils (TCs) work on the basis of public feedback, ie fee-paying residents doing their job. Worse, TCs don’t even bother to acknowledge most of the time in the hope that frustrated … Continue reading

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