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Ownership of HDB flats a big lie

HDB flat buyers have been taken for a very long ride and most are afraid to face the fact that none of us is an owner. PAP politicians who keep trumpeting our second highest home ownership rate in the world are … Continue reading

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Why Singapore has the lowest home ownership rate in the world

According to numerous sources, Singapore’s home-ownership (HO) rate is almost at the top in the universe. The PAP government has managed to achieve this impossible feat in less than 50 years. But as we all know, if something is … Continue reading

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Asset enhancement fueled by a mountain of debt is a scam, high HDB flat prices to stay

Singaporeans have been tricked by PAP politicians into believing they own something when in reality they don’t. Most are still living in fantasyland or denial of the biggest asset enhancement (AE) scam – the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world. … Continue reading

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Real estate expert confirms HDB flat ‘owners’ are in fact HDB lessees

I have written numerous posts on the status of HDB flat buyers: we are not owners but merely lessees. Many concerned citizens have also raised this issue in the past but the majority of ‘homeowners’ have refused to accept they … Continue reading

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School mergers: PAP government should disclose its plans for land redevelopment

The PAP government has used the excuse of a 20% lower cohort size to merge 28 schools. It has refused to disclose the government’s plan to redevelop the land besides stating that they will be returned to SLA. In any … Continue reading

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