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Public housing scam started more than 3 decades ago, HDB lessees should vote wisely

Without land cost, most Singaporeans would be able to retire comfortably. Point to note is land titles have never been transferred, which makes all buyers lessees. Full control has always been with the HDB, ie rules and regulations drawn up … Continue reading

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Remove land cost from HDB flats and most Singaporeans are able to retire comfortably

A lawyer like Lim Tean could wave a copy of HDB Agreement for Lease during the rally and easily convince HDB lessees that we have been scammed by the PAP government. HDB flats were truly affordable up to the early … Continue reading

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Teo Chee Hean thinks everyone owes PAP a living

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Can PAP still be trusted when its new candidate Ng Ling Ling lied but refuses to apoligise?

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