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CPF daylight robbery explained to idiots

For CPF members who are still clueless despite being fleeced for decades, below is an image which I am hoping, maybe against hope, that you will finally be convinced. (assuming GIC earns 6% long-term returns as stated) ​ ​

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Why is PAP still trying to scam CPF members?

GIC’s main source of funding is CPF retirement savings. With help from the PAP government constantly tweaking CPF rules, GIC is given access to additional billions of our CPF at relatively low rates. A few years ago, CPF Board (CPFB) … Continue reading

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GIC takes on riskier investments because of its asset mix

CPF members have been repeatedly told that GIC (and Temasek) does not take on riskier investments with our CPF and reserves. Source This not true. GIC has to take on higher risk because its asset mix demands a riskier approach. … Continue reading

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With all the pock kai CPF investments and UBS loss, GIC’s 6% long-term returns questionable

Singaporeans should think and question the management of our CPF. Why is GIC able to pay CPF members only about 3% returns (on average) when across the causeway, Malaysia’s EPF has been paying 6% for the last 20 years? Why … Continue reading

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CPF scheme serves GIC, not CPF members

Fortunately for the PAP government, most CPF members have continued to absorb propaganda like sponge. It’s a pity that all the efforts by Roy and others to enlighten members have almost gone to waste. One only needs to look at … Continue reading

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