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How PAP abused the CPF scheme, rewarded themselves with humongous salaries

(Comment from my blog) Sinkie says: June 8, 2018 at 11:35 am (Edit) The minute PAP allowed CPF to be used for property was the moment that PAP destroyed the future capability of CPF to be adequate for retirement. If … Continue reading

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Did MOF Press Secretary lie about our failed CPF scheme?

In “Plain speech also about telling the hard truth“, MOF Press Secretary Lim Yuin Chien claimed that one of the “hard truths” about Singapore is our “Central Provident Fund scheme is adequate for most Singaporeans“. However, Lim did not provide … Continue reading

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Did PAP lie about correlation between CPF Minimum Sum increment and inflation?

I refer to TOC’s “Discrepancies between CPF Minimum Sum increase vs inflation rates?” The general understanding among Singaporeans is that CPF Minimum Sum (CPF MS) needs to be increased to take into account inflation. This has been confirmed by CPF … Continue reading

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GIC confirms abuse of CPF

CPF monies are state reserves managed by GIC primarily to benefit the government, not CPF members. This was confirmed by GIC in 2015: (link) Questions which thinking CPF members should ask the PAP government: 1. Why is the PAP government using … Continue reading

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Majority of Singaporeans will soon wake up to a retirement nightmare

After legislating CPF as government reserves, CPF retirement savings no longer belong to members: they belong to the government. This is the reason why CPF members have no recourse when PAP creams off a huge portion of CPF returns earned … Continue reading

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