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CPF Board not aware of where CPF was invested

Dear CPF members I am trying to establish if indeed CPF is invested in SSGS. However, there is no information on the history of SSGS besides what we have been told by the government and statements on MOF website. Tried … Continue reading

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Class-action suit only option for CPF members to right a sorry situation

Dear CPF members My proposal to launch a class-action suit against the government has generated a tremendous amount of interest. As this is an unprecedented move, we should be mindful of pitfalls and temper our expectations but be resolute in … Continue reading

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CPF members should stop government abuse of our retirement savings

Dear CPF members Enough has been said and written about our CPF scheme and its abuse by the government. It’s time to stop whining and take action to prevent further abuse. We are not all helpless and should cease entertaining … Continue reading

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PAP wants to allow CPF members to help discharge government’s obligation by depleting balance

The innovative PAP government has thought of another way to abuse our CPF. Without consultation or feedback from CPF members, the CPF Amendment Bill 2017 was introduced for its first reading in Parliament on 2 Oct. Although PAP is obligated … Continue reading

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CPF members should be very wary of propaganda campaign

CPF Board (CPFB) has been engaged in propaganda through advertisements, online and print. The sole objective is of course to trap more money in GIC via CPFB. The government is now so desperate that it has started conducting roadshows, spending … Continue reading

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