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PAP MP Zainal Sapari: We will help slave workers in Singapore by channeling billions in CPF to GIC

In “Commentary: Singapore must do more to guard against ‘slavery of the poor’”, PAP MP and NTUC Assistant Sec-Gen Zainal Sapari has acknowledged poor Singaporeans have been abused/enslaved by their employers. CNA Sapari: “When the circumstances of being poor force you to … Continue reading

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PAP government shortchanged CPF members more than 40 years ago

Many CPF members have mistakenly believed that the record high 6.5% CPF rate was a godsend. But in order for CPF interest rate to be meaningful, it has to be beat inflation.  Seen in this context, 6.5% CPF rate was actually way too … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s EPF declares highest payout of 6.9% since 1997, CPF low rates remain unchanged since 2001

Have CPF members been fleeced by the PAP government for decades?  A comparison between Malaysia’s EPF scheme, which closely resembles our CPF, has confirmed the biggest scam in the universe. There are stark differences which contribute to EPF’s success vs CPF’s failure.  EPF: … Continue reading

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CPF Board defends itself against negative online comments: Mark as spam

Recently, I have been sharing many of my CPF posts to educate members that all is really not well at CPFB.  I have also commented negatively on CPF FB. Truth be said, if PAP had not tweaked CPF rules to delay withdrawal, … Continue reading

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CPF Full Retirement Sum increased by 52% but $5000 withdrawal rule remains after 1 decade

Claiming inflation affects CPF monies, FRS has increased by 52% since 2008. For CPF members who do not have the FRS, the amount allowed for withdrawal is only $5000. This amount has remained unchanged over the same period. Does inflation not … Continue reading

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