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Has the stage been set to reduce CPF Life payout post GE2020?

Undeniably, PAP is good at¬†increasing our costs or confiscating money from our CPF. ūüėČ In recent years, GIC has been hinting at lower CPF Life payouts by constantly reminding Singaporeans that it was expecting¬†lower returns. In 2014: In 2015, GIC … Continue reading

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PAP MP Zainal Sapari: We will help slave workers in Singapore by channeling billions in CPF to GIC

In¬†“Commentary: Singapore must do more to guard against ‘slavery of the poor’”, PAP MP and NTUC Assistant Sec-Gen Zainal Sapari has¬†acknowledged poor Singaporeans have been abused/enslaved by their employers. CNA Sapari: “When the circumstances of being poor force you to … Continue reading

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PAP government shortchanged CPF members more than 40 years ago

Many CPF members have mistakenly believed that the record high 6.5% CPF rate was a godsend. But in order for CPF interest rate to be meaningful, it has to¬†be¬†beat inflation.¬† Seen in this context, 6.5% CPF rate¬†was actually way too … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s EPF declares highest payout of 6.9% since 1997, CPF low rates remain unchanged since 2001

Have CPF members been fleeced by the PAP government for decades?¬† A comparison between Malaysia’s EPF scheme, which closely resembles our CPF, has confirmed¬†the biggest scam in the universe. There are¬†stark differences which¬†contribute to EPF’s success vs CPF’s failure.¬† EPF: … Continue reading

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CPF Board defends itself against negative online comments: Mark as spam

Recently, I have been¬†sharing many of my CPF posts to educate members that all is really not well at CPFB.¬† I have also commented negatively on CPF FB. Truth be said, if PAP¬†had not tweaked CPF rules to delay withdrawal, … Continue reading

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