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20130830 PAP’s erratic policies cause for concern

Singaporeans should sit up and be really worried about our erratic policies implemented by the PAP government. Flawed policies continued to be tweaked and the government has clearly succumbed to populist pressure instead of addressing fundamental issues. The longer the … Continue reading

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20130827 C C should not bend parking rule for politicians/grassroots leaders

Last year, I highlighted to the PA chairman, PM Lee Hsien Loong, that the Pasir Ris Elias C C had been allowing indiscriminate parking for years. Special parking privileges for ‘grassroots leaders’ at CC? It appears the problem will not … Continue reading

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20120321 Special parking privileges for ‘grassroots leaders’ at CC?

From: phillip ang Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:21 PM To: LEE_HSIEN_LOONG ; LIM_SWEE_SAY ; chunsing ; halimah ; PSD PS21 (PSD) ; <a title="sam_tan Cc: bok koh ; <a title="choonhock ; dillonangweijie ; gerald.giam ; jayakumar89 ; ken_dxb ; … Continue reading

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20130825 GRC system forced onto Singaporeans, serves only PAP instead of citizens

I refer to Yahoo article “Political analysts caution against reverting to all-SMC system”. (link) The majority of some 4000 Yahoo! Singapore readers have confirmed their preference for our GRC system to be given a burial. The GRC system came into … Continue reading

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20130823 Public transport – SMRT to become Seatless Mass Rapid Transit?

Public transport commuters should brace themselves for more overcrowding. This is because the government has been listening to Singaporeans with lip-serviced actions. It has refused to acknowledge the limitations of our rail system and continues to stretch its capacity by … Continue reading

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