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Infrastructure falling apart caused by PAP, did not plan for additional 2 million foreigners

Up till 1990, Singapore’s population projection was less than 4 million by 2030.  Even the URA 1991 Concept Plan projected a 4 million population. According to a 1990 Singapore Medical Association article, “Singapore – An Ageing Society“, by P W J Choo, K S … Continue reading

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PAP’s immigration policy hidden agenda: Replace dead supporters with new citizens

One of the objectives of PAP’s flawed immigration policy is to replace its largest group of supporters with new citizens – an estimated 14,000 elderly citizens die every year. ** Because of their low education and reliance on PAP’s propaganda machine for news since decades ago, most of … Continue reading

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When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history (3)

PAP’s population policy will dig our children’s graves.  Make no mistake about this. Fact: The huge number of older new citizens – quite a few above 50 years old – are already contributing to the ageing population issue. PAP has not disclosed their numbers, preferring instead … Continue reading

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Shitty Times continues to publish self-insulting propaganda to support PAP’s flawed population policy

Straits Times journalists should not insult themselves and cease supporting PAP’s flawed population policy. In Joanna Seow’s “Dip in population density, but not in crowded feeling“, the contributory factor to the “dip in population density” was actually the increase in reclaimed … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by government immigration propaganda, policy doomed to fail

I refer to Today’s propaganda piece, “Quality immigration will remain Singapore’s lifeblood“. Again, the PAP continues to insult citizens and assumes all are propaganda lovers. 😦 What “quality immigration” is PAP referring to when: – Most PRs are from less … Continue reading

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PAP population policy failure cheapens Singapore PR to a piece of tissue :(

PAP’s population policy has failed. It has again tried to mask its failure by concealing material information and engaging in propaganda. It should be obvious that the Singapore PR is now like a piece of tissue – to be used … Continue reading

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Billions needed to support PAP’s insane immigration policy, shortcut to generate economic growth unsustainable

Singapore has been doomed by PM Lee and former PM Goh. Lau Goh basically had no idea about generating economic growth: to him, this could simply be achieved by growing the population. He became addicted to this shortcut and was … Continue reading

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Population policy: Former PM Goh and PM Lee reckless

In 2015, PM Lee said Singapore “has maxed out the easy ways of driving economic growth and …”. Today One of the “easy ways” PM Lee was referring must have been ramping up the foreigner population. From 1990 to 2004, former … Continue reading

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Singapore will be doomed by PM Lee’s population policy shortcut

Singapore will soon be doomed, no thanks to PAP insisting on growing the population to generate economic ‘growth’. Through the use of propaganda and a … complicit rubber-stamping Pariahment, the PAP has been able to hoodwink a majority of gullible … Continue reading

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PAP’s population increase shortcut is also to prevent CPF collapse

The PAP government has taken too many shortcuts and is in …. deep shit. With an ageing population, ie impending massive CPF withdrawals, CPF was certain to face a collapse between 2001 and 2019 when hundreds of thousands of baby … Continue reading

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