Immigration policy failure: Singapore PR a piece of tissue paper to foreigners

The PAP has refused to address this issue: Almost 14,000 foreigners give up their permanent residency status every year.

Minister Indranee and Shanmugam have recently disclosed more immigration data which confirms the Singapore PR is nothing but a piece of tissue paper to foreigners, mostly from less-developed countries.

Past 5 years:
Total new PRs: 31,700 x 5 = 158,500 (A)
Total new citizens: 22,100 x 5 = 110,500 (B)

If all new citizens come from the existing stock of PRs, there should be an increase of 48,000 (158,500 – 110,500) PRs (C).  But this is not the case: Instead, PRs fell by 2,400 from 527,700 in 2014 to 525,300 in 2019!

It appears that slightly more than 50,000 PRs (C + D) had left Singapore for good but the number is actually much higher. 

This is due to about 16% of new citizens who are not former PRs, as confirmed by Minister Shanmugam. *

To compute the net increase of PRs over 5 years, we need to add 16% x (B) to (C), ie 17,680 + 48,000 = 65,680 (D).

The stock of PRs in 2019 should be:
2014 PRs + 65,680 New PRs = 2019 PRs
527,700 + 65,680 = 593,380.

But according to Singstat, the number of PRs in 2019 was only 525,300, ie from 2014 to 2019, 68,080  PRs (13,616 per year) left Singapore for good.

Minister Indranee: “… citizenship and PR status are offered selectively to applicants who are committed to making Singapore their home, and who can integrate and contribute to Singapore.”**

This is of course pure BS from Indranee.  There is no country where a similar proportion of foreigners give up their permanent residency status and Singapore probably holds the world record for this.

Instead of finding out the underlying issues of why PRs have no intention of permanent stay in Singapore, PAP has been granting an excessive number of PRs simply to offset the large numbers leaving every year

Unnecessarily having more than half a million PRs in Singapore has created a host of issues.  PRs compete almost on an equal footing for limited public resources such as HDB flats (driving up HDB prices), enjoy certain healthcare grants/subsidies, etc.  PRs compete with Singaporeans for jobs but have this added advantage: Full CPF amount can be withdrawn any time they decide to leave!

At the rate of foreigners giving up their PR status, it appears that more than 200,000, probably more, were not serious about making Singapore their home, ie more like a hotel and stepping stone to some truly democratic countries.

The PAP should not continue to turn a blind eye to what’s obviously a flawed immigration policy.




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