Shitty Times continues to publish self-insulting propaganda to support PAP’s flawed population policy

Straits Times journalists should not insult themselves and cease supporting PAP’s flawed population policy.

In Joanna Seow’s “Dip in population density, but not in crowded feeling“, the contributory factor to the “dip in population density” was actually the increase in reclaimed land, Singapore’s size increased from 719.2 sq km to 719.9 sq km.

Since the recently-reclaimed land is uninhabitable, statistics such as the “average number of people per square kilometre dipped from 7,797 in 2016 to 7,796 last year” is really meaningless.  But this is news in little red dot?

Does Joanna or SPH employees plan to move to the recently-reclaimed land (image below, in black) any time soon?

Singaporeans have also been told there would be no issue with housing a 6.9 million population in 2030, ie more land will be reclaimed.  However, most of the land (image above, in red) to be reclaimed is not planned to house the increased population.

For example, Tuas Megaport alone will require reclaimed land twice the size of Ang Mo Kio town.

Shitty Times also interviewed NUS sociologist Jean Yeung and PAP fan who anyhow claimed that the dip in population density was “the result of a conscious decision by the Government to limit the number of new immigrants”, which is of course fake news.

As far as PAP is concerned, it would never allow foreigner population growth to dip.  This is because it has been relying on growing the population to grow the GDP, ie fake economic growth, for about 3 decades.

The dip in foreigner numbers was due to factors beyond PAP’s control.  The collapse in oil and commodity prices, besides resulting in the retrenchment of employees in the oil industry, had knock on effects on the economy which then resulted in a decline in foreigners working here.

Besides sociologist Jean Yeung, Shitty Times managed to interview 2 other apple polishing population experts Ass Prof Pow from NUS and IPS senior research fellow Leong.

Since future land reclamation is hardly for the purpose of housing the increased population, rest assured Singapore will be a very crowded place with a 6.9 million population in 2030.

If Shitty Times still survives to be PAP’s mouthpiece, it will likely publish another article citing meaningless statistics to insult Singaporeans before 2030. 😦


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2 Responses to Shitty Times continues to publish self-insulting propaganda to support PAP’s flawed population policy

  1. Stanley sandosham says:

    Thank you MR Ang for pointing this out. Fortunately, my son decline a scholarship from The ‘Shitty Times’ some years ago and is now happily residing in a neighbouring country ‘down under ‘.

    At least he did not become a part of the ‘Apple Polishing’ Team 😁

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