Don’t be fooled by government immigration propaganda, policy doomed to fail

I refer to Today’s propaganda piece, “Quality immigration will remain Singapore’s lifeblood“.

Again, the PAP continues to insult citizens and assumes all are propaganda lovers. 😦

What “quality immigration” is PAP referring to when:
– Most PRs are from less developed countries?
– Most new citizens are from the same countries?

“Quality immigration” is really a joke on born and bred Singaporeans when most of these new immigrants compete for limited public resources such as schools. Integration has hardly taken place.

PAP’s immigration propaganda has only one objective: get Singaporeans to buy into the need for maximum number of foreigners. This has been PAP’s economic growth model since Lau Goh became PM and is clearly unsustainable.

Most new citizens will also vote for PAP.

According to Today, NPTD report “also highlighted two consistent themes: Fewer citizen births, and an ageing citizen population“. But the emphasis on fewer citizen births and an ageing citizen population is found in almost every NPTD report. In fact, whenever MSM has the opportunity, they would also slip these “two consistent themes” into any article.

Having fewer citizen births today as well as an ageing citizen population were issues highlighted at least 3 decades ago. That PAP has to constantly remind us for decades can mean only one thing: its policies have failed, abysmally.

Singaporeans now know that it is the folly of one man which contributed to our low TFR. Against logic and the global trend of declining TFR, LKY wanted a quicker fix and implemented the “Stop at Two” policy in 1966. (see chart below)

Before hitting the replacement level in 1975, it was likely that overwhelming fear of LKY prevented civil servants from speaking up. Even as the TFR dipped below the replacement level in 1977, there was an eerie silence for fear of offending LKY until 1987 when “Have 3 or more if you can” was introduced.

By then, the damage was done.

Since 1987 – 3 decades ago – every attempt to rectify LKY’s monumental error ended in failure. Why? Because PAP has wrongly assumed that the issues could be fixed by throwing money at a solution.

But they are far more complex and should not be treated like a numbers game, ie ramp up immigration to increase the number of citizens.

From the chart below, a 15K, 20K and 25K new citizens yearly intake will only delay the decline in citizen population to 2040, 2045 and 2060 respectively.
PAP’s ‘solution’ will therefore only delay the inevitable: citizen population will still decline. What happens after 2060? Increase the annual intake to 30k?

Should PAP increase the annual intake to 25k, the majority of Singaporeans will be new citizens by 2060.

The PAP has also not been upfront and refuses to disclose relevant statistics to prevent public discourse on its policy failure. For example, what is the percentage of new citizens who will be above 65 in 2030?
From the chart above, it should be clear why the government is afraid to disclose relevant data: new citizens will contribute to the issue of ageing population in future.

For confirmation, look at the 2016 age profile of new citizens below.
Why do we need 4862 new citizens aged 40 and above per year?

From the age profile table, it appears that PAP has been importing whole families of new citizens. Since their age profile is similar, isn’t PAP kicking the ageing can down the road?


The ageing and low TFR issues have been around for at least 3 decades. During this period, PAP has failed in all attempts to resolve them.

Failure is being covered up by non disclosure of relevant statistics to prevent public scrutiny and discourse.

Many foreigners also use the Singapore citizenship as a passport to greener pastures, especially western countries.

Increasing the annual intake of new citizens will not resolve the ageing population issue but only delay the inevitable shrinking of the citizen population.

By 2060, the majority of Singaporeans will be new citizens.

Singaporeans should be wary of PAP’s motives. Although most of us will be dead by then, our children’s lives will be severely impacted by PAP’s folly. 😦

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