When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history (3)

PAP’s population policy will dig our children’s graves.  Make no mistake about this.

Fact: The huge number of older new citizens – quite a few above 50 years old – are already contributing to the ageing population issue.

PAP has not disclosed their numbers, preferring instead to disclose in percentages.
1population10aThis is because proper disclosure will shock Singaporeans and raise doubts and questions on PAP’s folly (table below).
Figures from Population In Brief: 2012  2013  2014  2015 2016

As can be seen from the table above, 20,000 new citizens from 2012 to 2016 will be turning 65 in less than 25 years (by 2041), 48,000 in less than 35 years (by 2051).

At this rate – provided PAP doesn’t increase the import of new citizens – a new pool of 48,000 new citizens will add to the increasing pool of ‘pioneers’ every 35 years, ie 48,000 in 2056, 48,000 in 2061, 48,000 in 2066 and as far as the eye can see.

If other age groups are included, new citizens contributing to the pool of ageing citizens will form a disproportionately large ratio, numbering in the hundreds of thousands in the near future.

For years, Singaporeans have been told the need for a mindless population policy because ageing citizens will hit almost 1 million by the end of next decade:
1population13cPAP did not disclose the downsides to its ‘solution’.

With a TFR lower than 3 decades ago, PAP’s ‘solution’ clearly hasn’t worked; it will need to perpetually import foreigners, causing all sorts of social issues and a huge burden on our budget.

Of the 900,000 citizens, how many are new citizens?

If PAP was so concerned with elderly citizens burdening the state, why does it add thousands of older new citizens to an existing pool of about 570,000 every year?

With the old-age support ratio set to worsen when new citizens hit 65, PAP is in fact exacerbating the issue, not resolving it.

Singaporeans should start to think about the impact of PAP’s ‘solution’ on our children’s future before it’s too late.

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