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20150131 Singles, divorcees and single parents must stand up against PAP’s flawed housing policy

Fernvale residents have taught Singaporeans an important lesson – PAP has no control over an undivided active citizenry. Not surprisingly, it has also revealed our civil service has been working on the basis of flawed assumptions, expecting citizens to quietly … Continue reading

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20150128 Individual citizen owns $60,000 in Temasek

Temasek manages $223,000,000,000 of our reserves, most of which originated from our CPF. link Temasek invests (or reinvests the returns) in risky assets such as foreign energy/resources and hedge funds. How some of these investments performed have not been disclosed. … Continue reading

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20150128 Temasek likely to suffer billion$ losses in energy/resource investments

In an earlier post, I highlighted the possibility of Temasek’s investment in FTSI being wiped out by plummeting oil price. Temasek’s other investments in ‘energy and resources’ seem likely to suffer the same fate as FTSI. The investments highlighted are … Continue reading

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20150125 Don’t be fooled by PAP again

As the election draws closer, it is timely for PAP supporters to look at the PAP objectively. With all the screw ups, the picture is of course not pretty. By now, most Singaporeans should be aware that our country has … Continue reading

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20150122 Temasek’s $2 billion investment in FTS International a wipeout soon?

In April 2011, Temasek invested $2 billion in FTS International (previously Fra Tech Holdings LLC), an oilfield services (for shale gas) company. Temasek’s $2 billion investment in FTSI was essentially also a bet on high oil price which has recently collapsed. … Continue reading

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