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20111130 Chief paper general contradicts himself, doesn’t know what’s going on with Terrex tanks

Chief of Army Major-General Melvyn Ong  has said there’s “Nothing unnatural about armoured carriers transiting in Hong Kong”. CNA With other ministers comforting one another by saying too much in the media, Singaporeans are concerned but still uncertain about the return of our military equipment. … Continue reading

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20161128 Property tax for HDB flat “owners” should be …$ZERO

I refer to CNA’s “HDB flat owners to pay less property tax next year”. link PAP propaganda attempts to convince HDB flat ‘owners’ that we will enjoy a tax ‘savings’ of between 13.1 and 51 percent for 2017 when in fact we … Continue reading

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20161128 Can we really punch above our weight after we kena punched?

PAP started believing its own propaganda years ago and this had led to Lee Kuan Yew proclaiming Singapore’s ability to punch above its own weight.  Feel good factor to many blur sotongs but the fact remains: A small country = a … Continue reading

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20161127 Singapore needs Microsoft to predict when PAP will fail

I refer to, “Predicting when HDB lifts will fail with new system” link and I predict HDB lifts will continue to fail without fail.  Microsoft is assisting the government with a new system after a record number of lifts went berserk. … Continue reading

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20161126 LTA = Langgar Then Action?

I refer to, “Foldable bicycles, PMDs allowed on public transport from Dec 1 as part of 6-month trial”. link The PAP government has attempted to convince motorists to switch to public transport because our roads were not designed for the current … Continue reading

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20161125 Temasek has not learnt any lesson from gargantuan losses during the GFC, continues to take high risk

Contrary to government propaganda, Temasek is actually taking high risk with our reserves.  A look at its holdings and transactions in Alibaba, with reference to other companies in its US listed portfolio, confirms this. It was recently reported that as at end September, Temasek … Continue reading

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20161124 SingPost should not have told junk mail half truth

I refer to “You’ve got junk mail: SingPost says most residents welcome advertising material”. link Did SingPost even conduct a survey of, say, one-tenth the total number of households?  Or did SingPost merely talk to 100 residents living in rental flats before arriving at … Continue reading

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20161123 PM Lee must stop lecturing bigger countries, risks becoming a laughing stock

From his self-constructed pulpit, our mee siam no cockles PM must be a joke unto itself whenever he lectures superpowers. Speaking to reporters after the APEC summit, PM Lee said that “a sense of identity and togetherness must be developed in … Continue reading

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Minister Chan Chun Sing optimistic about our future, view based on school textbooks and past glory

Former paper general Chan Chun Sing has written an open letter to Singaporeans to express PAP’s optimism on the future of Singapore. link Chan “noted how Singapore saw many ups and downs as a fledgling nation and faced many crises … Continue reading

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20161122 Singapore at a crossroads, PAP’s solution is to stand still

The world has changed beyond recognition since our independence. Despite globalisation, advancements in IT, etc PAP’s system has hardly evolved with the times.  NS, CPF, ISA, etc require a revamp or abolishment but PAP has insisted on tweaks as THE solution. How is … Continue reading

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