20161127 Singapore needs Microsoft to predict when PAP will fail

I refer to, “Predicting when HDB lifts will fail with new system” link and I predict HDB lifts will continue to fail without fail.  Microsoft is assisting the government with a new system after a record number of lifts went berserk.

Basic infrastructures are falling apart and breaking down with increasing frequency.  Age may be a factor but more importantly, it has been the lack of proper maintenance and cutting corners with a “cheaper, better and faster” (CBF) approach. link to video

Who believes in Lim Swee Say’s CBF, keechiu!

Where lift maintenance is concerned, technology does play a part but it will never compensate for human incompetence. Instead of addressing its shortcomings and booting out failures, PAP has again preferred to throw money at another ‘solution’ in partnership with Microsoft.

But PAP doesn’t just anyhow throw tax dollars away and in this instance, it will be throwing million$ at Surbana Jurong, another GLC.  Surbana Jurong is helmed by Wong Heang Fine who recently said “there’s no limit to the amount that we are willing to spend” when it came to acquiring foreign companies.

Surbana Jurong is no private company: it is in fact HDB’s Building and Development Division renamed. link  The entire HDB division was corporatised as HDBCorp in 2003, acquired by Temasek Holdings in 2004 rebranded Surbana Corporation Pte Ltd in 2005 and finally became Surbana Jurong in 2015 after a merger.  Surbana’s focus is now on mega township development projects overseas which will earn Temasek big bucks.  Profit driven Surbana Jurong is 100% owned by Temasek and the brain drain at HDB is complete.
How not to have lifts going berserk and building facades falling down like that?

(Again, Singaporeans have been shortchanged because Surbana Jurong was set up using tax and CPF dollars but conveniently transferred to Temasek at a guaranteed lelong price.  Directors and top management at Surbana Jurong and Temasek stand to gain millions from its privatisation despite costs having been socialised.  This is but one example of how citizens have been ripped off.)

Singaporeans have been told by the PAP that the primary role of an MP is more of an estate manager.  But why did it field every new MP with ZERO estate management experience?  Just OJT can become super estate managers?

The real problem has always been a systemic one where incompetence within PAP has been recycled within the government and GLCs instead of being booted out.

Perhaps Microsoft could do Singaporeans a favour by developing a software to predict when PAP will fail, if it hasn’t already.
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1 Response to 20161127 Singapore needs Microsoft to predict when PAP will fail

  1. Confused says:

    It’s only talk is cheap. How can it be cheaper, better and faster when we paid millions or even billions for all these Jiak Liao Bees?

    I think more like cheaper pay for the peasants, better prospect for the cronies, faster rise for the “General” workers to the millions’ club? This is probably the truth and why he didn’t bother to explain?

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