20161128 Property tax for HDB flat “owners” should be …$ZERO

I refer to CNA’s “HDB flat owners to pay less property tax next year”. link

PAP propaganda attempts to convince HDB flat ‘owners’ that we will enjoy a tax ‘savings’ of between 13.1 and 51 percent for 2017 when in fact we continue to be scammed.

As have been highlighted numerous times on social media, HDB flat ‘owners’ are in fact only lessees/tenants and should not have to pay property tax. link

The definition of “owner” was legislated by PAP through Parliament. PAP has the ability to write all sorts of nonsensical laws which include creaming off CPF returns perpetually simply because members’ low, fixed returns are guaranteed by the government.

The most obvious reason is of course no one can own any public property and the real landlord has always been HDB: buyers/residents being only tenants or subtenants.  That is the reason why we are subjected to 1001 rules written by HDB which could be amended at PAP’s whim.

Just about every process requires HDB’s approval/notification, from the purchase and sale to  rental and major renovation.  The criteria to be eligibile, eg age, marital status, income, living with parents, etc are also dictated by HDB.  What about buyers being subjected to an ethnic quota ratio affecting the flat’s resale value?

HDB’s involvement, which includes a pre-inspection check of its property in a resale transaction, confirms it has all the while been the landlord and buyers are only tenants.

How could anyone own any public property?  Which “owner” has ZERO control over his own possessions?  How stupid can our legislations be?

PAP has been milking billions from HDB lessees through the collection of property taxes.  HDB lessees have also been forced, again through legislation, to contribute to a sinking fund to help maintain public property owned by HDB.

The political backlash to redefine HDB buyers correctly as lessees/tenants will be too great for PAP to bear.  Fortunately for PAP, most HDB ‘owners’ prefer to live in blissful ignorance.

With the internet, it’s only a matter of time before an increasing number of ‘owners’ woke up to a nightmare and realise they have all along been fleeced.

For now, PAP should do the ‘right’ thing by reducing HDB property taxes to ZERO.



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2 Responses to 20161128 Property tax for HDB flat “owners” should be …$ZERO

  1. Jack says:

    The two main ways of owning a property are leasehold and freehold, If you own a house then the chances are you own the freehold, meaning that you own the property and land it is on lock, stock and barrel.

    You can also own a property on a leasehold basis, Many leases are granted on a 99-year term while some run for 999 years. HDB is a leasehold property on 99 years basis. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-1585043/Mortgages-homes-guide-Leasehold-vs-freehold-right-buy.html#ixzz4RXqws5xN

  2. Phillip Ang says:

    Not applicable to HDB flats.
    When you purchase a leasehold property anywhere in the world, you are never stated as “lessee”. “Lessee” is the legal term used by HDB and when the HDB flat is rented out, the legal term used is not “tenant” but “sub-tenant”. Again, when a HDB flat is rented out, HDB is careful to use the correct legal term “sublet”.
    “Lessee”, “sublet”, “sub tenant”, etc are legal terms used and they should not have any other intended meaning than as defined.
    If you are indeed the “owner”, you should be able to use the HDB flat as a collateral to obtain a bank loan. You can’t because the property belongs to HDB.
    It is extremely difficult to overcome the perception of non ownership because “owner” and “ownership” have been loosely used for decades. “Owners” would not want to wake up to a nightmare – HDB flats never belonged to us.
    It’s the same with our CPF – PAP says it’s our money but it has total control over how much returns we are to be paid, when it wants to release the money, how it wants to return the money, eg in instalments, how much each instalment will be, etc…
    I have done quite a bit of explanation in these few posts on HDB ownership @ https://likedatosocanmeh.wordpress.com/?s=hdb+ownership

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