20161126 LTA = Langgar Then Action?

I refer to, “Foldable bicycles, PMDs allowed on public transport from Dec 1 as part of 6-month trial”. link

The PAP government has attempted to convince motorists to switch to public transport because our roads were not designed for the current population. But who would want to give up their private transport when the MRT system is unable to ensure students are not late for exams, employees not late for work and executives not late for meetings?

Major disruptions are the norm on our MRT system, like clockwork: 56 million man-hours in productivity could have already been lost.  In a single incident last year, almost half a million commuters were affected during the massive 7/07 NSEWL breakdown. link

LTA should first ensure our MRT system is reliable and not force an increase in passenger load.  This is common sense.

Obviously, none of our big-shot ministers or elite planners take public transport and to them, this is just another experiment.  When buses are jam-packed, how does a commuter with a huge device board when others without one couldn’t?
Is this what LTA has planned?
Original image here

The government could of course cook up some survey figures to conclude the success of the 6-month trial.  What’s going to happen is trains and buses will become more crowded and more tempers will flare.

Ideally we imagine a scenario where office workers give up their cars and are considerate with their foldable bikes and PMDs.  But what will happen if tens of thousands of PRCs and workers from third-world countries do likewise?  This of course doesn’t affect the elites and again, commuters will be told to accept our fate.

Trains are running at max frequency and to increase this further runs the risk of more severe breakdowns.

In a functional democracy, the incompetent management of our public transport companies would have been given the boot.  Here in unique Singapore, government-linked SMRT gets privatised, is able to be less transparent and allows stupid ideas to be implemented.

But SMRT is not really to blame: many issues could have been prevented if there had been proper oversight by LTA.

A competent authority should be proactive but LTA waits for issues to surface and subsequently take action.  If LTA continues to be profit driven, it will always be way behind the curve.

Why even bother to conduct a trial and increase the passenger load when the system is unreliable and already overcrowded?

Is LTA = Land Transport Authority or LTA = Langgar Then Action?

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