20111130 Chief paper general contradicts himself, doesn’t know what’s going on with Terrex tanks

Chief of Army Major-General Melvyn Ong  has said there’s “Nothing unnatural about armoured carriers transiting in Hong Kong”. CNA

With other ministers comforting one another by saying too much in the media, Singaporeans are concerned but still uncertain about the return of our military equipment.

We have a chief paper general who explains why and how the SAF transports its equipment around the world, the security measures such as “double lock”, etc.

But what is the point of describing SAF’s perfection on paper when our property has already been impounded?  Excusable because this has happened only once in fifty years?

And our chief paper general even tries to deflect blame to the contractor, one that’s selected by his organisation.  Chief paper general Melvyn: “They must also apply for all necessary permits … The contractor has to be responsible for this.”

So, if it was APL’s oversight, SAF bears no responsibility for risking 9 multi-million dollar Terrex tanks which may be “melted down“?

Who will be held responsible if our 9 Terrex tanks are melted down?

What’s really troubling – Melvyn has contradicted himself and isn’t sure about what he  tells the media.

Melvyn: “The SAF also has strict measures when we transport ammunition or sensitive equipmentwe don’t make transit stops, …”

As to why the ICVs were on an excursion to Xiamen and Hong Kong, Melvyn explains that “We don’t specify the route.  It’s purely commercial decision taken by APL.”

From these 2 statements, even an idiot can see that our chief paper general doesn’t know what has been happening:

“don’t specify the route” = “don’t make transit stops”?  If SAF doesn’t specify exactly how it wants APL to ship its equipment, how the hell does Melvyn know there were no transit stops?

Melvyn is also effectively saying that if it was APL’s “purely commercial decision” to make, say, 5 transit stops, SAF wouldn’t have been bothered.

It is clear to the public that the SAF has screwed up – some high ranking officers entrusted with the responsibility to ship our military equipment back in one piece weren’t even aware there were transit stops.

SAF’s failure should not be covered up or this will further erode public trust.


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1 Response to 20111130 Chief paper general contradicts himself, doesn’t know what’s going on with Terrex tanks

  1. Sinkie says:

    Like I said previously, this current matter is purely a political problem. For over 30 years, there had been no issues even with stopovers in HK or more recently in Chinese port cities. China only *now* take action because of PAP’s words & behavior this year regarding China’s claim to SCS, stating that China should abide by international laws i.e. decision by International Arbitration Court, and constant praise/encouragement of US forces to remain in western Pacific as a stabilizing force. Such “advice” would have been better accepted if done in private face-to-face meetings between LHS & Xi. But no — LHS, Vivian, Shanmu, TCH had to shoot their mouths off & lecture China in public. Basically China feels that S’pore has disrespected it and hence needs to be punished & put in its place. Just be glad that China has so far not impose export ban to S’pore, or impose 1000% tax on S’pore exports to China.

    As for the 9 Terrex’s I hope PLA will use them to test out their man-portable ATGMs and put out the live firing videos on YouTube as well as statistics on maximum distance for penetration on different approaches (front, sides, rear) and also angles e.g. firing down from rooftops. With modern LAWs like Javelin, won’t be surprising if these missiles can totally rip apart and cook/disintegrate all occupants in Terrex from a distance of 2km. The only issue is battlefield visibility & cover such as buildings, ruins, trees etc. Modern missiles can overcome this to some extent by having “pop-up”/over the top attack where the missile pops up over the obstacle e.g. house, and comes slamming down on the target (incidentally also going through the much thinner top armour).

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