Minister Chan Chun Sing optimistic about our future, view based on school textbooks and past glory

Former paper general Chan Chun Sing has written an open letter to Singaporeans to express PAP’s optimism on the future of Singapore. link

Chan “noted how Singapore saw many ups and downs as a fledgling nation and faced many crises in every decade – from the pullout of British forces in the 1960s to the Asian financial crisis on [in] the 1990s and the 2008 subprime crisis”.

The events mentioned by Chan are from our Social Studies textbooks.  Is Chan’s optimism merely based on textbooks where historical events have on occasions been rewritten by PAP?

Chan’s”many crises in every decade” is an exaggeration, another half truth. Many other countries have experienced even more crises, especially weather related ones.  Since they have also managed relatively well, doesn’t that mean we are on par with them?  Is there anything special about PAP leadership?

Chan seems to be living on past glory and has forgotten he is no longer a paper general. The entire CNA article is merely a pep talk with Chan assuming Singaporeans to be NS men-to-be.

The former paper general tries to inspire by following in the footsteps of LKY who “never mind what the people think”.  Since Chan’s lecture on the global challenges is dated news, is this not another indication of his leadershipt quality?
Chan, our inspirational minister?
Is Chan be inspired by his own nonsense in front of the mirror?  Maybe he is dumber than we think?

Optimistic about Singapore’s future based on past glory and our school textbooks?  Someone should go wake this joker up and let him know that he is no longer in the army.

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1 Response to Minister Chan Chun Sing optimistic about our future, view based on school textbooks and past glory

  1. andrewtungsk says:

    An O Level student could have written that for his History Paper.

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