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20140425 PAP bullying citizens a disgrace, pushback gaining momentum

It is heartening to see an increasing number of Singaporeans standing up for our country and reclaiming our rights after 4 decades of control by the PAP. When PM Lee slammed “the work of few trolls” on his Facebook and … Continue reading

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20140423 ‘Powder keg’ Geylang now autonomous region in Singapore?

The Commissioner of Police, Ng Joo Hee, recently said Geylang is a “potential powder keg”. Unless one has visited the area, he will not understand what CP Ng meant by a foreigner time bomb waiting to explode. The lawlessness during … Continue reading

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20140421 Since politicians’ ‘sacrifice’ pegged to market rate, NS allowance should increase to $1500

The PAP prides itself on having the best and brightest in government. But despite dismal performance year after year, politicians insist they must be paid top dollars for their ‘sacrifice’. As for everyone else, it is slave/non living wages. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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20140420 Fireworks in Geylang for 1,000,000 PRCs on China’s national day?

I totally disagree with ST forum letter “A question of fairness” on the issue of Filipinos holding their national day celebrations in the heart of Orchard Road. ST forum letter writer, Jeffrey Law, should put the issue into perspective instead … Continue reading

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20140419 President must conduct more stringent background checks before appointing NMPs

Parliament recently invited members of the public to submit names of potential NMPs. NMPs are appointed by the president. I hope the president will conduct stringent background checks on potential NMPs. We do not want another NMP like Calvin Cheng … Continue reading

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