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If GIC is really managing all CPF monies, there must have been massive investment losses

The government should clarify if all our CPF is invested in SSGS and managed by GIC. Based on data from reputable institutions, there appears to be massive investment losses. Better still, disclose all material information in Parliament instead of concealing … Continue reading

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How many CPF members want to invest in an Indian property developer, keechiu

CPF members have been severely shortchanged by the PAP government. We were never consulted nor was there any debate before PAP decided to dump all our CPF in risky foreign assets. PAP simply legislated CPF into GIC via conversion into … Continue reading

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CPF investment risks have multiplied, better for PAP to return our CPF

A few years ago, CPF fund manager, GIC, had already acknowledged global asset prices were overinflated. Yet, the government has been channeling additional billions in CPF into GIC. GIC expected market downturn years ago GIC had actually been anticipating a … Continue reading

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GIC masks its poor rate of return from CPF members by reporting in US$

GIC has been engaging in propaganda to ‘boost’ its performance, eg disclosing irrelevant information to mask its poor returns. Since GIC invests in only foreign assets which carry high forex and political risks, one would have expected a higher rate … Continue reading

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Most CPF members still unaware/unable to understand they have been scammed

The PAP government has engaged in propaganda since GIC’s inception to the extent that ordinary citizens and even MPs do not know its real performance. After reading all GIC annual reports, I have discovered that they contain irrelevant information: its … Continue reading

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