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Singaporeans taken for another ride: Imprudent spending = Prudent spending

Singaporeans should be wary of tweaks to legislations with regard to state finance. So long as GIC’s and Temasek’s books are off limits to everyone except a handful of ministers and PAP elites, Singaporeans will never know the true state of … Continue reading

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PAP must be upfront with CPF members on GIC’s investment losses

​As CPF Board continues to embark on new propaganda measures to channel more funds to GIC, CPF members would do well to think very carefully and demand for more transparency before parting with their cash/topping up parents’ CPF accounts. According … Continue reading

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Taxpayers and CPF members at higher risk with former president/failed GIC dy chairman appointed to newly-created GIC post

I refer to “Dr Tony Tan appointed director and special advisor of GIC“. CNA There seems to be such an acute lack of talents that the PAP has to employ the former president and GIC executive director to a newly-created position … Continue reading

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If GIC is really managing all CPF monies, there must have been massive investment losses

The government should clarify if all our CPF is invested in SSGS and managed by GIC. Based on data from reputable institutions, there appears to be massive investment losses. Better still, disclose all material information in Parliament instead of concealing … Continue reading

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How many CPF members want to invest in an Indian property developer, keechiu

CPF members have been severely shortchanged by the PAP government. We were never consulted nor was there any debate before PAP decided to dump all our CPF in risky foreign assets. PAP simply legislated CPF into GIC via conversion into … Continue reading

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