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20141028 PAP government should take a leaf out of EPF’s book since it cannot resolve retirement shortfall issue

In my previous post, I highlighted the huge difference between the returns of EPF and CPF (5.91% vs 3.56% compounded interest) during the last 20 years. Not only were EPF returns higher every year during the last 20 years, CPF … Continue reading

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20141027 CPF members better off with retirement savings managed under Malaysia’s EPF model

The PAP has been offering unbelievable justifications to pay CPF members below-inflation rate returns for decades. GIC, which manages our CPF, has been underperforming for decades, leading to our huge retirement shortfall. The PAP has been disclosing meaningless statistics to … Continue reading

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20141026 Ho Kwon Ping just being politcally correct, PAP may fall faster than expected

Ho Kwon Ping’s take on Singapore politics has distracted Singaporeans from real issues such as our CPF retirement shortfall (lowest pension rate in the world), transport woes, incompetence of our statutory boards, etc. Ho Kwon Ping is the Executive Chairman … Continue reading

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20141024 Wrong for PAP government to legalise our CPF monies as reserves

The PAP government does whatever it pleases in Singapore because there are no checks in Parliament. After legislating CPF monies as government reserves, billions in CPF returns from investments in GIC were not returned to CPF members. This has caused … Continue reading

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20141022 Should citizens still trust the PAP?

The PAP claims it has the best and the brightest in the government but, in reality, has managed to deliver only a falling standard of living for ordinary Singaporeans over the past few decades. The PAP has been ignoring our feedback, … Continue reading

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