20141016 It pays to be silent in Parliament

There is really no reason to be paying MPs $15,000 per month. Most MPs earn much more in their full time job and if it’s really a sacrifice, why the need to reward them with an ‘allowance’ that’s above the 90th percentile?

We also have MPs like Alvin Yeo who could earn for his firm $100,000 per hour in court so there is really no need for another $15,000 when they are already in the top 1% income bracket?

Left to the PAP, the sky is the limit where remuneration is concerned. And that applies only to the PAP.

From the table above, an MP was getting 16.4 times ($225,000 / $13,710) his monthly ‘allowance’ in 2008. This translates into an additional 4.4 months of ‘bonus’.

But why should an MP be even getting a bonus when he was supposed to be serving?

What’s more obscene is the world was in financial turmoil during the period but MPs were totally immune.

Their collective silence has resulted in insufficient hospital beds and public housing, a poorly maintained and broken MRT system, immigration-related issues, job discrimination against citizens, etc.

In order to remain a PAP MP, one must toe the party line and merely maintain the status quo because there is no accountability anyway. The PAP system is one which entices the greedy and self-serving types. Why put in more effort when one is already paid so obscenely for a part time job to speak up on issues which don’t even affect them?

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4 Responses to 20141016 It pays to be silent in Parliament

  1. Confused says:

    What you said made some common sense.

    First, we were told that President do not have a lot of executive power except for the few; holding on to Reserve 2nd key, etc.. must far less than Prime Minister, so to call, but President get to draw exorbitant high salary for shaking hands most of the time according to one of your post earlier.

  2. James Fuk says:


    Kleptocracy… is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often with pretense of honest service.

    This type of government is generally considered corrupt, and the mechanism of action is often embezzlement of state funds.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It pays to be silent in Parliament? I thought that it pays to be silent, period. The Ngiam Tong Dow incident is testimony to this fact.

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