20141014 Ex NMP Calvin Cheng says PAP MPs are also morons

Since stepping down from his NMP position in 2011, Calvin still unabashedly calls himself a ‘pubic figure’ on his Facebook.

But self appointed ‘public figure’ Calvin Cheng has actually been the butt of netizens’ joke.

Calvin appears to be in desperate need for PAP’s attention as can be seen from his FB posts praising PAP’s flawed policies. Of late, Calvin has become extremely emotional after old news about him having “played a central role” in price-fixing resurfaced online.

Although the $31,241 fine paid by his company must have been loose change to him, the effect on his bloated ego has led to continual emotional outbursts.

Just 4 days ago, Calvin stated that everyone who “commented” on and “read and shared” The Real Singapore are all “morons”.

Those who have either commented/read/shared include:

1 – PAP MP Intan who responded to “the article by Mr Zulkifli Jabal on The Real Singapore..”.
2 – PAP MP Zagy who responded to an article on The Real Singapore.
3 – PAP MP Irene Ng’s clarification.

Besides these 3 PAP MPs, I am sure there are others who have read TRS to better understand Singaporeans’ real issues which are not published by the government mouthpiece.

Why does Calvin label PAP MPs who have read TRS morons? Is Calvin so envious of real MPs who are real public figures, unlike a pseudo public figure like him, that he must resort to transforming them into morons?

Calvin should be more careful when making sweeping statements because even the AGC has responded to a TRS post!

To confirm his mental instability, Calvin recently lodged a police report for online harassment of a ‘public figure’ and threatened to inform his victim’s employer about the police report. If all the real public figures in Singapore are as petty as Calvin, we may need to set up a new police division to handle all these ‘bo leow’ complaints at taxpayers’ expense.

The PAP should not simply sit on the fence and watch Calvin bring the NMP scheme into disrepute. Although Calvin may have openly supported the PAP online, it must now weigh the consequences of Calvin’s outbursts which resembles more of a ‘seow kow’ barking.

Ordinary citizens may not take offence at Calvin’s name calling but should the PAP allow an ex NMP to label PAP MPs “morons”?

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