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Why I do not trust GIC to invest my hard-earned CPF retirement savings

Like PAP, GIC does not believe in good governance. Instead of focusing on managing CPF funds, it focuses on disclosing immaterial information and engaging in all sorts of propaganda to hoodwink gullible CPF members. 😦 For example, GIC own self … Continue reading

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If Tan Cheng Bock runs for president, PAP will be damn siah sway

Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal against the High Court dismissal of his constitutional challenge on the reserved presidential election will be heard on July 31. Instead of the usual 3 judges in the Court of Appeal, there will … Continue reading

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Makcik President scores F9 for scripted interview on local media, again

During the 19-second interview, Halimah was again clearly nervous and kept blinking non-stop. Halimah on CNA FB: In a previous interview on the racist PE, Halimah was equally nervous. This led me to question “Is fumbling Madam President suitable to … Continue reading

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HDB flat lessees should not pay market-rate land cost for land we don’t own, a form of taxation

Without a doubt, an increasing number of HDB lessees will eventually realise they have been taken for a ride. Although PAP has factored market-rate land cost into the price of HDB flats – up to 60% – it has refused … Continue reading

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Hara Kiri Khaw uttering rubbish, no medicine can help him now

In what was supposed to be a joint forum on infrastructure maintenance, Minister Khaw seized the opportunity to slam PAP-controlled media for their reports on the recent massive record breakdowns. Khaw has accused the mainstream media of having “turned tabloid”. … Continue reading

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CPF fund manager GIC’s return figures quoted by LKY suspect

In 2011, then-chairman of GIC LKY trumpeted to the world that GIC’s 30-year return in USD was on par with global equities return, ie 10.2%. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. πŸ™‚ The simple reason … Continue reading

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PAP continues to screw up as it tries to fix the CPF Ponzi scheme

PAP government has been screwing up big time because it is a fixer of things. By devoting an inordinate amount of time to fixing opposition members and dissenting voices, all our infrastructures have started to crumble. (MRT system is really … Continue reading

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Temasek should disclose billions in bonuses paid to top management

Temasek Holdings is not managing private/PAP funds but Singapore’s past reserves. Strangely, the PAP government has designated Temasek an exempt private company where public funds are managed by PAP appointees and its real performance is known only to PAP’s inner … Continue reading

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Million-dollar ministers/elites needed to produce peanuts returns for CPF members?

Singapore’s CPF system will NEVER provide adequate retirement funding for CPF members. The results produced by our brightest PAP elites speak volumes of their incompetence: our CPF returns have stagnated for more than 2 decades. PAP elites are a total … Continue reading

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Does Singapore have 3 sovereign wealth funds?

Singapore is known to have only 2 sovereign wealth funds, ie Temasek Holdings and GIC. But according to a trusted website, Sovereign Wealth Centre (SWC), Singapore has 3 sovereign wealth funds. New kid on the block is “Central Provident Fund … Continue reading

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