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20150630 CPF – the $282 billion question that PAP cannot answer

The CPF scheme has failed Singaporeans and the abuse of our national pension system looks set to worsen. Thanks to Roy, an increasing number of CPF members have become acutely aware that we have been shortchanged by the PAP government. … Continue reading

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20150628 Temasek CEO’s expected grand exit, undeserved oversized remuneration a burden to taxpayers

I refer to CNA’s “Temasek CEO Ho Ching takes 3-month sabbatical leave”, dated April 15. There are reasons to believe the stage has been set for Ho Ching’s departure as well as to reward her with a gargantuan amount of … Continue reading

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20150624 National service revamp not possible with PAP in power

Male Singaporeans are disadvantaged by a 2 year conscription. Many employers also prefer to employ foreigners who do not have reservist obligations up to the age of 40/50 depending on one’s rank. The harsh reality of today’s economy necessitates a … Continue reading

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20150621 With PAP parliamentary majority, don’t hope to get your CPF back at 55

Dear CPF members With PAP in power, you should not hope for a miracle to happen and somehow you will be able to spend any/much of your hard-earned CPF before you meet your maker. Do not continue to rely on … Continue reading

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20150619 Desperate PAP confuses SG 50 with SG 500

The PAP is acutely aware that it may lose power despite all its propaganda. It has become so desperate that instead of giving out $50 to 82,000 civil servants for SG 50, it has added an extra ‘0’, increasing the … Continue reading

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20150618 Self-serving PAP will never serve Singaporeans (2)

Dear middle-ground voters GE is around the corner and PAP has already started its vote-buying and propaganda. For the sake of your children and future generations of Singaporeans, it’s important that you do not allow fear or propaganda to sway … Continue reading

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20150615 Temasek’s $354 million portfolio at inception, long-term TSR and ‘facts’ a load of crap, transparency needed

Temasek has repeatedly stated its portfolio value at inception to be $354 million. Due to PAP’s opacity, this figure could not be verified and has resulted in Temasek’s unbelievable 40-year Total Shareholder Return (TSR) of 16%. Temasek’s figures are suspect … Continue reading

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20150611 Temasek’s NOL about to sink, questionable leadership

PAP claims to have a meritocratic system where only best and brightest are appointed to leadership positions in the public and private sector. Sub par performance from such leaders should therefore not be tolerated since they are paid millions annually. … Continue reading

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20150609 ‘Survey’ shows 80% Singaporeans want end to PAP’s pariahment

The Ass Tee, Singapore’s leading online media, recently interviewed 5 ordinary Singaporeans at a coffee shop to feel the pulse of voters before GE 2015. They are: – Mr Bo Tuck Chek, 4-decade job hopper – Mr Muthu s/o Pandai, … Continue reading

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20150607 Self-serving PAP will never serve Singaporeans

Dear Singaporeans who still have blind faith in PAP Please do yourselves and our country a favour by scrutinising PAP’s policies, especially after current MP Goh Chok Tong became PM in 1990. If you have still not realised PAP has … Continue reading

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